Linda was an Umbrella employee based at the public corporate headquarters in Raccoon City.

By unknown means, Linda struck a deal with rogue USS member, Rodriguez. He was planning to steal a prototype weapon named the Nyx. Linda apparantly bought a ticket on his helicopter in exchange for a sample of the experimental T-Virus reagent, AT1521.

Whilst Rodriguez waited, Linda hurried back to the lab where she met fellow researcher Carter and several other survivors including plumber David King. However, a fire had broken out in the building and several Hunter U's had escaped, which activated the emergency containment shutters, trapping them all in the building.

As they made their escape, Carter had reprogrammed a T-103 to attack the Hunters, but it turned against them and killed Carter. Linda was attacked but managed to escape and was found in the underground waterworks badly shaken up. As she tried to explain what she was doing, she was washed down into the sewers.

Some time later, she emerged out onto the surface and looked to take refuge inside the Apple Inn. However, she was mistaken for a zombie by UBCS leader Arnold, and he shot her in the leg.

Linda eventually managed to escape from Raccoon City alive and testified in court against Umbrella with Yoko Suzuki.


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