Kirk Mathison

Kirk was born in 1981 and joined the B.S.A.A. as a helicopter pilot and soon became affiliated with the Special Operations Unit Air Support Platoon.

Unusually for a B.S.A.A. member, he joined the organisation directly without having any prior training or experience with any other military organisation. He learned all his skills and techniues within the B.S.A.A. itself. This meant he was a rare 'genuine' B.S.A.A. member.

Because he was affiliated with the West African branch, Kirk was the chief aerial support for the Kijuju mission. He was in constant contact with Bravo Team throughout the mission and assisted with aerial firepower whenever necessary.

He was eventually killed when his helicopter was attacked by several Kipepeo and he crashed. His body was thrown out and impaled on a spike where he burnt to death.


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