Kevin Ryman

Kevin was an officer for the Raccoon City Police Department. He had superior athletic abilities and was an outstanding shot, often winning shooting competitions. He was a good fellow all round and was well liked by his colleagues. He was known for being a dyed-in-the-wool optimist who never dwelled on the small things.

Kevin had aspirations to join the S.T.A.R.S. but he never made it and failed the selection process twice. Those close to him believed his happy-go-lucky, blissful personality was his downfall for this as he was so laid back about the whole affair.

When he knocked off duty, Kevin was a regular at J's Bar in the Raccoon City subburbs. He had a tab there and a credit slip found by one of the customers suggested that Kevin certainly liked a beer or two, judging by the bill he'd racked up.

His passion for a beer would sometimes get him into trouble and despite his occupation as a police officer, he was not afriad to get his hands dirty if he'd had one two many. This resulted in him being noted by the bar's owner, Jack, on a troublesome person's list which could have resulted in him being banned from the bar if he were to cause trouble again.

When at the bar he also liked to play darts but many of the regulars would tell you that he often got thrashed miserably. His playing skills not an apparant match for his big enthusiasm for the game.

As well as darts, he also had a passion for football and was a smoker.

Kevin also had a thing for cars and often liked to take overnight trips just so he could sleep in his car. He also collected memorabilia such as highly detailed mini toy cars and famous brand steering wheels. He was also quite vain and took great pride in his appearance.

Kevin's desk was located in the Eastern Office of the RPD. His favourite weapon was a Desert Eagle magnum, which he kept locked in his desk drawer. His locker was located in the Night Watchman's room located above the stairs leading down to the basement level of the RPD.

By late September 1998 when the outbreak in Raccoon City was just about to become citywide, Kevin, who was off-duty at the time, was in J's bar having a quiet drink alone. He had a paper in his pocket which contained S.T.A.R.S. interview tips, so he was possibly contemplating trying again for S.T.A.R.S., but this would have been another nationwide unit as the Raccoon teams had recently been disbanded. At that time Brad Vickers was the only S.T.A.R.S. member on active duty and was awaiting reassignment.

In the next few days, he was due to train some new recruits that were schedueled to arrive soon that included Leon S. Kennedy.

He was watching a news report about a riot that had broken out at a football game earlier when the place was unexpectedly beseiged by zombies. Kevin, along with several other survivors, escaped up to the roof, crossed over to a vacant apartment block and made it back down to street level where he met up with deputy chief Raymond Douglas.

As Douglas tried to secure their escape, Kevin assisted in using the police cars to create a barricade to slow the zombies down.

After fighting through town, Kevin eventually made it to the main street where a bomb was activated that blew up an entire army of zombies. He then caught a lift back to the police station.

A few days later, Kevin was still at the precinct and was holed up with a few surviving officers and civillians. There they all came up with an escape plan and Kevin assisted with securing the front gate until help arrived. Eventually, a van turned up and Kevin, Rita and a few others managed to make it out of there.

As well as these two confirmed incidents, Kevin was involved with happenings in several other locations throughout Raccoon City. But it has never been officially confirmed if he made it out of Raccoon City alive or not.


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