Josh Stone

Josh was Captain of Delta Team and affiliated with the West African Division of the B.S.A.A.

He was a combat verteran and hightly experienced in his field. Although he held rules in high regard, he tended to respect individual judgment according to the situation. He also liked to rely on his surroundings and both his skills as a soldier and as a leader were second to none.

He was friends with Sheva Alomar and took her under his wing when she first joined the B.S.A.A. Josh often referred to her as the 'little sister' of the team.

During the Kijuju incident of 2009, Josh's team were called into action following the extermination of Dan Dechant's Alpha Team. They arrived in time to save the lives of Chris and Sheva and cleaned up the majority of the urban areas of Kijuju. They also rescued several uninfected locals.

They then moved on in a bid to intercept Irving but they were ambushed by the Ndesu B.O.W. Everone was killed except for Josh. He managed to retreat to the Tricell Oil facility and shelter there until he met up with Chris and Sheva once more.

He assisted them in their hunt for Irving and eventually dropped them off at the entrance to the caves. Josh then left them promising to try and get them back-up and to get the official extraction order recinded.

Josh's apprehension over Sheva eventually got the better of him and he returned to the caves alone. He fought through the Ndupaya ruins and eventually found Jill Valentine unconcscious in the monarch room. After helping her recover, the two fought their way through the infested communications facility before reaching the rendezvous point for the rescue helicopter. Josh then piloted the chopper straight to the volcano where Chris and Sheva were having their final confrontation with Wesker.

After Wesker was killed, Josh airlifted the survivors to safety.


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