Jon was a research scientist from Umbrella's Chicago Laboratory. John was transferred to the Arklay Labs in 1994 to take over from William Birkin as Chief Researcher after Birkin moved to the newly constructed lab beneath Raccoon City.

He inherited the chief oversight responsibility for B.O.W. research and development. However, although he was an exceptionally scientist, he refused to participate in criminal research and was thus throughly disliked by the upper levels of Umbrella Inc.

At the time, Jon's noble nature found its chief support from his lover, Ada Wong. She first met him after penetrating the Arklay Labs disguised as a researcher. Her mission was to gather all information relating to the T-Virus research. Jon fell in love with Ada and confided in her about the G-Virus; a project that was still strictly classified at the time. It was thanks to this revelation by Jon that 'The Organisation' would later send Ada to retrieve a sample of the G-Virus in Raccoon City months later.

After the T-Virus was released at Arklay, Jon became infected and became a zombie. He used Ada's name as his password for his computer access.


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