Jim Chapman

Jim was a subway employee on the Raccoon Underground. He was a friendly and cheerful fellow, but on occasion exposed his cowardice and narrow-mindedness. Even though he meant no harm, he talked too much and invited frowns of disgust from those around him. However, he had powers of intuition and was very good at solving puzzles and liked nothing better than to sit down with a good crossword.

Jim had a fierce passion for basketball and collected all kinds of memorabilia, including shoes and trainers. He also had shirts and autographs of his favourite players. He knew they would one day be worth a fortune and he was always careful to take good care of his collection. Even when he was working on the subway he would always find an excuse to wear trainers rather than his full uniform.

He was also a great believer in luck and made sure he always carried round his lucky coin wherever he went.

He worked with a colleague named Ricky who was afraid of the dark. Jim always tried to reassure him but really it shouldn’t make any difference whether it was night or day for they were always underground.

Jim was relaxing in J’s Bar the night of the outbreak and was enjoying a beer and working on a puzzle when the zombies arrived.

He later took shelter in the Raccoon Underground and tried to lead the survivors to safety. He struggled to get on with a few of the other survivors due to his lack of bravery.

It is unknown whether Jim Chapman made it out of Raccoon City alive.


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