Jill Valentine

Out of all the surviving characters on the good side of things, Jill Valentine has arguably had the most gruelling of times. Not only was she infected with the T-Virus at the hands of the Nemesis during the Raccoon City incident, she was also declared dead after a mission to arrest Umbrella’s founder Ozwell E. Spencer went horribly wrong in 2006.

Jill began her career by enrolling in the U.S. Army’s Delta Force training programme, where she earned extremely high grades in bomb disposal.

Some time later she joined the S.T.A.R.S. organisation and later transferred across to the team in Raccoon City and on countless missions helped save many of her comrades thanks to her sharp survival skills. Her skills with a lock pick also earned her the rather amusing title of ‘Master of Unlocking’. She also trained as a radio operator for Alpha Team though usually Richard Aiken pulled double duty for the role.

In July 1998 she was one of only five reported survivors of the thirteen man strong S.T.A.R.S. unit that took part in what became infamously known as the ‘Mansion Incident’.

By the time the T-Virus was leaked into Raccoon City two months later, Jill, along with helicopter pilot Brad Vickers were the only two S.T.A.R.S. members left in the city.

Jill’s skills had also caught the attention of Umbrella, who sent in their latest Tyrant model, the Nemesis T-Type, programmed with specific orders to track down and eliminate all S.T.A.R.S. members. All the U.B.C.S. Supervisors had also been briefed about her, and Umbrella had placed a large bounty on her head by whoever could provide confirmation of her death.

Despite becoming infected by the virus, Jill was aided by one of the mercenaries hired by Umbrella, a young Native American by the name of Carlos Oliveria and together they managed to escape the city just moments before its destruction. This was thanks to Barry Burton who had risked his life to try and find Jill by flying into Raccoon airspace with less than an hour before detonation of the nuclear device.

After the incident, Jill set out to join Chris Redfield in Europe to aid his own private investigation into Umbrella’s main headquarters, but Chris had already left for Rockfort Island after he had received an e-mail from Leon S. Kennedy informing him that Claire, his sister, had been captured. When Jill arrived at his safehouse, all she found was Chris's knife. But deep down, she knew he was still alive.

In the following years, Jill and the others went to ground, watching with a close eye the unfolding developments of the large-scale court case the world governments were fighting against Umbrella, as well as trying to track down Wesker.

In 2003, they received a breakthrough and learned the location of Umbrella’s last main base of operations, the place where B.O.W.S. were being manufactured for sale to some of the more unstable regions of the world.

Jill along with Chris Redfield joined a regional biohazard containment unit and launched a large assault operation on the facility.

The mission was apparently a success and the base was shut down, cutting off Umbrella’s supply of biological weaponry to terrorist states.

Not long after that, Umbrella was dissolved completely after being found guilty in court of their role in causing the disaster in Raccoon City in 1998.

Jill then became one of the original eleven founding members of the Biohazard Security Assessment Alliance and for the next few years policed the world in an effort to end bio-terrorism.

It was when the BSAA learned of the whereabouts of Umbrella’s only surviving founding member, Ozwell E. Spencer, and put together an operation to arrest him, that Jill’s life would be turned on its head. After searching around Spencer's trap riddled old mansion and avoiding the relentless killer known as the 'Guardians of Insanity', she and Chris finally cornered Wesker in the library.

After a brief battle, Wesker was about to deliver a kiling blow to Chris Redfield when at the last moment she she sacrificed herself by throwing both Wesker and herself out of the window. Together they plummeted hundreds of feet in a fall neither of them could possibly survive. However, Wesker's increased agility saved both their lives.

Rather than kill her, Wesker intended to use her as a test subject as revenge on Chris Redfield.

As the Uroboros plan took shape, Jill was recovering in suspended animation when Wesker noticed that her body still contained the T-Virus from when she was infected during the Raccoon City incident, albeit in a dormant state. While she was sleeping, the virus was reanimated before suddenly dissappearing from her system altogther. Her system began producing powerful antibodies.

Unbeknownst to her friends and colleagues, Jill actually went through over two and a half years worth of experimentation for one Albert Wesker. The special antibodies in her blood produced as her result of her Nemesis infection provided Wesker with the breakthrough he needed in the creation of the Uroboros Virus, the most powerful biological weapon of them all.

Once the weapon was completed, Jill was kept alive and rendered under Wesker’s control thanks to a special chemical derived from the original Progenitor Virus named P30.

Aware of her actions but unable to stop herself, Jill committed all kinds of atrocities for Wesker. She acted as a bodyguard to Ricardo Irving when he went on his black market weapon deals as all the funding from the sales went direct to the Uroboros Project. JIn 2009, Jill was also the one who infected a villager with Uroboros in a bid to lure BSAA troops into a trap.

She was eventually saved very fittingly by her old partner Chris Redfield, who managed to remove the impant device from her chest that was constantly administering shots of the P30 chemical into her system.

Once back to her old self, she played a vital role behind the scenes in helping Chris and new partner Sheva Alomar overcome Wesker and end the threat that Uroboros posed to the world. She met up with BSAA survivor Josh Stone and together the two fought through a Tricell sattellite receiving facility through a horde of majini in order to get to a rescue helicopter. Once onboard, they flew straight to the volcano where Chris and Wesker were having their final confrontation. After helping both Chris and Sheva onto the chopper, Jill indicated they use the on board rocket launchers to destroy Wesker for good 


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