Jessica Trevor

Jessica was the wife of famous New York Architect, George Trevor. In 1949 they married and four years later Jessica gave birth to their daughter, Lisa.

In 1967, Jessica was forced to put her 18th wedding anniversary on hold as it clashed with a planned visit to the newly completed Spencer Mansion in Raccoon Forest. With George tied up with business in New York, Jessica and Lisa decided to go ahead without him. Jessica bought Spencer an antique shotgun for his birthday and before they left, she left George a note wishing him a happy anniversary.

On the evening of November 10th, 1967, Jessica and Lisa arrived at the mansion. However, they were both kidnapped by men in lab coats and taken down to the labs beneath the house. Both were to be used as human test subjects for a special variant of the Progenitor Virus.

Jessica was administered with a variant known as Type A. But the virus fusion with her body proved to be negative and she died. She was buried in a special tomb underneath the main hall of the mansion.

21 years later, the tomb was opened and her daughter Lisa, now unrecognisable from her human self after over two decades of experimentation, took her skull and the two were finally reunited.


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