Javier Hidalgo

Javier was a South American drug lord who had taken de-facto control over a large area of jungle by the Amazon. He ruled the entire area absolutely. The small government was unable to do anything about Javier's control of the drug trade.
The drugs that Javier's organisation produced have been contaminating surrounding countries, as well as finding their way into America. Javier was amassing a fortune in drug money, building up his own private army, and fortifying his operations. He was a wanted criminal in many countries, and was an uncommonly cruel man.

The ability to slip through the fingers of justice and gather other criminals is not something an ordinary person could accomplish. Javier had achieved his goals through the use of violence and strict control over the region. He rewarded those who submitted to him, and brutally punished anyone who stood in his way, making harsh examples of anyone who opposed him. He ruled his dominion through fear. However, the drug lord dissappeared from public view in early 2002.

His history dates back to his teenage years where having learned about the drugs trade at a young age and soon completed his first drug deal. By viciously and mercilessly mudering his enemies, he soon found himself a top a massive crime syndicate.
In 1986 he and his wife Hilda gave birth to their daughter Manuela, but not long after that Hilda fell ill and it was revealed she was suffering from a rare form of cancer that seemed isolated to the region of Amparo. For the next few years Javier searched desperately for a cure, eventually contacting Umbrella in 1991 following their repuataion as the world's leading pharmaceutical and medical enterprise. By using his fortune, he was able to attract interest from the illegal side of the company and was put in touch with a researcher working under the supervision of the Ashford family. He agreed to purchase several samples of an experimental strain of the T-Virus in a bid to cure Hilda's illness.

Initially the treatment worked and Hilda's cancer went into remission, although she failed to regain conciousness from her coma. A few months later his contact at Umbrella decided to raise the price for the T-Virus and this enraged Javier immensley. He would not be made a fool of and he certainly wouldn't be bribed, however he was worried that if he stopped administering the virus to Hilda, her condition would worsen again. As an alternative, he began to make other inquiries and heard whispers about the famed T-Veronica virus; but all research on Veronica was suspended in 1983 following the 'death' of Alexia Ashford.
After losing patience with Hilda not waking up, Javier gave her more T-Virus until eventually she mutated into a horrible creature and lost her human form entirely. Yet rather than killing her, he decided to move her to a special facility.

In the following years Javier expanded his empire, using his vast wealth to construct a giant dam able to hold a capacity of 20 billion tonnes of water. This gained him support from the local populace as they could now enjoy an ample supply of electricity. It also raised the standard of living and financial support for his own organisation, the Sacred Snakes. The dam also acted as a non-verbal threat to neighbouring communites as if anyone challenged his authority, he now had the power to cause a massive flood disaster. When one village opposed him, he caused an intentional water discharge 'accident' which resulted in the village and its population of 80 people being wiped out.

In the years following Hilda's death, Javier became unable to trust outsiders such as Umbrella and decided to try and construct his own B.O.W. programme. However, he had no high-level research facilities and so only primitive experimentation on human prisoners was his main method of data acquisition. The zombies he created were used as propagators of terror against hostile forces in the area, such as communist insurgents.
With his own B.O.W. programme extremely limited, Javier still had a contract with Umbrella and purchased several low-cost B.O.W.s such as the Plague Crawler and Lurker.

In 2001, Manuela Hidalgo contracted the same disease that had taken the life of his wife Hilda. Javier was distraught at the news and made preparations with Umbrella once again to begin a new course of treatment. Coincidentally however, Albert Wesker had turned his attention towards South America since the turn of the millenium and learned of Javier and his dictatorship. After learning that Javier was purchasing T sampes from Umbrella, Wesker made contact with him and Javier enquired about the famed T-Veronica virus he had first heard about ten years ago. Wesker agreed to sell him a T-Veronica sample in exchange for a large sum of money and a significant slice of Javier's business empire. Wesker also sells him two experimental B.O.W. developed by 'The Organisation' which were the Jabberwock S3 and the Anubis.

In order to combat the 15 year incubation period that T-Veronica required in a human, Javier decided he could overcome this problem by regularly transplanting his daughter's organs. This resulted in the Sacred Snakes stepping up their interest in black market organ traffiking. Girls began to dissappear from their villages, and by early 2002 the toll had reached over 50.
When Manuela's illness was announced, Javier dissappeared completely from public view, which deeply alarmed the US Government who had been following his actions closely from a distance. When further reports were recieved about a former Umbrella researcher entering Javier's territory, the US Government put together an operation to apprehend him. Leon S. Kennedy and Jack Krauser were sent to Amparo to find him.

They found the village of Mixcoatl had been ravaged by the T-Virus and found Manuela hiding out there having fled from Javier's mansion. She led them to Amparo and Javier's domain where after finally realising his daughter had turned against him for good, he let himself be consumed by the Veronica plant that he had cultivated in his botanical garden. Javier mutated into a huge creature but thanks to Manuella's flammable blood, Leon and Krauser were able to kill him.


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