Owner and propriator of J's Bar in Raccoon City. Not to be confused with Bar Jack, which is a seperate place located further downtown in the city.

Jack had a profound love of alcohol which is why he bought and ran his own bar. There is a wine room on the upstairs first floor where he hides crates of his treasured favourite alcohol, which is one of th best brands available. He even went so far as to make notes about his collection which included titles such as 'Alochol and Me.'

He was a little careless and left his bar owership papers all over the place. In the wine cellar, staff member Cindy Lennox once found a memo behind the forklift that spoke of a large amount of money Jack had stashed away. There were rumours he is involved in an illegal money laundering scam.

In mid September, Jack was getting visits from many dangerous patrons at his bar, some of which were connected to the money laundering ring. This prompted Jack to order a gun from Kendo's gun shop in the subburbs to ward them off.

This caused Jack to get edgy and he later snapped at a staff member who couldn't get to the package he needed because the kids living in the next apartment had climbed across to wreck havoc and had closed the shutters to the third floor of the bar.

By the time the T-Virus outbreak, it appeared Jack was not at his bar the night of the incident. His whereabouts or indeed whether is is alive at all, is unknown.


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