Jack Krauser

Krauser was an elite operative for the famed US Special Operations Command. He was an exceptional soldier who had led many successful operations during his career. His success largely came down to the fact that he threw himself 100% into his job having never been totally comfortable in every day society. He felt that each day he spent fighting in the military gave meaning to his life.

In 2002 he was handpicked to assist US Government agent Leon S. Kennedy in a mission to investigate South American drug lord Javier Hidalgoís relationship to Umbrella. Krauser had read Leonís file and knew of the Raccoon City incident but still remained very sceptical about zombies and biological weapons.

However, his opinion soon changed when they discovered the waterside village of Mixcoatl had been ravaged by the T-Virus. Leon and Krauser made a good team, fighting off the mutated Hilda Hidalgo creature and rescuing Javierís daughter, Manuela. Krauser then asked Leon to fill him on everything he had encountered thus far. Leon told him about his experiences in Raccoon City. Krauser just listened in silence.

Manuela then directed them up the Amazon to Javierís dam, which had also been infected. There they ran into Javier himself and it became apparent that Manuela was infected with the T-Veronica virus. Leon then explained its origins to Krauser and told him the story of the Ashfordís and what Claire Redfield had gone through on Rockfort Island. He also told him about Albert Wesker, and Krauser seemed a little bit intrigued about mysterious ex-STARS commander and former Umbrella researcher.

They continued to fight their way through the dam, using each otherís skills to survive. Krauser was slowly beginning to see the potential of these bio-weapons they were facing.

When they finally reached Javierís mansion, Leon and Krauserís relationship hit a turning point when Leon confided in him he was actually on a top secret mission dubbed ĎAnti-Virus Weapon Protocol No. 7600í, which involved the eradication of all Umbrellaís viral weaponry. Whilst Leon showed complete trust in Krauser by revealing this information, the revelation left Krauser with a bitter taste in his mouth. Leon, a relatively inexperienced operative, had been given special treatment just because of his experiences in Raccoon City and Krauser, a seasoned veteran who had risked his life for his country countless times in the past, was merely a pawn. Despite this, Krauser was determined to finish the mission.

However, as they progressed through the mansion, Krauser began to understand why Javier had wanted to use the virus and the power it represented, further poisoning his mind.

After finally destroying the mutated Hilda Hidalgo, Krauser had received a serious arm injury during the battle, one that he knew he could never recover from via conventional means. It made him sick to the stomach that he now had to depend upon Leon for survival.

Eventually, they took on Javier himself. He had let himself be consumed by the Veronica plant and had grown to a gargantuan size, leaving Krauser staring in awe. Manuela, who was using her flammable blood to weaken the creature that had been her father, assisted them in the battle. Krauser was awestruck by the sight and his mind was totally lost to believing someone could harness and control such an incredible power.

The mission was a success and as they were airlifted to safety, Krauser found himself reflecting on the notorious Albert Wesker that Leon had mentioned. He knew his military career was effectively over due to his injury, but he wondered if Wesker could somehow make him strong again, to provide him with the power he now craved. Secretly, he decided to seek Wesker out.

Some time later that year, Krauser left the military and subsequently disappeared. Leon was later told he had died in an accident.

Krauser was never heard from again until two years later. He had been successful in making contact with Wesker and now worked directly under him. Weskerís current goal was to re-open Umbrella with himself at the helm. With the power of all of Umbrellaís archival data at his disposal, he told Krauser what he wanted to hear and that they possessed the power to make significant changes to the world.

Wesker was on a mission for The Organization to collect a master specimen of the Las Plagas parasite in Southern Europe, a mission that held significant personal interest.

Krauserís role in this was to infiltrate the Los Illuminados cult who was in possession of the parasite. He did this by kidnapping the US Presidentís daughter while she was on her way home from university in Massachusetts. During his time with the Illuminados, Krauserís lust for power meant he fell for the temptation of the Las Plagas parasite and readily accepted cult leader Osmund Saddlerís offer of a modified subordinate plaga. Krauser took the parasite into his body and realised he now finally had an awesome power completely under his control.

Despite this gift, Krauserís progress in the mission was hampered due to the fact that Saddler quite rightly never trusted him. He eventually had to get Wesker to send in Ada Wong for assistance, though Ada knew this was the way it would turn out all along.

Krauser was eventually reunited with Leon and the two fought. Krauser told Leon he was doing all this for Umbrellaís sake. Eventually, Krauser triggered the mutation within his body and developed a scythe-like arm which incidentally was the same arm heíd injured in the South America op two years previously. They clashed once more but Leon emerged the victor.

However, Krauser wasnít finished yet and having failed to finish off Leon, he now turned his attentions to Ada, someone whom he had always despised and never trusted. However, he clearly underestimated her prowess and she killed him.

In the aftermath of the incident, despite Krauserís undivided loyalty towards him, Wesker described him as Ďjust another expendable grunt.í The irony being that Weskerís attitude towards him was exactly the same as the US Governmentís two years earlier which is what turned him to the dark side in the first place.


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