Ingrid Hunnigan

Hunnigan was a communications expert and systems analyst employed by the US Government. She was the interface between the US administration and the field agent. She kept the agent updated via video-codec and informed them of any progress made at HQ. She was also the agent's first and foremost contact whenever they required information and help in specific situations.

Born in 1980, Hunnigan was very bright and dedicated to her work. Her role in the Government often meant she was the only link from HQ to the field operative.

In 2002 she acted as Jack Krauser's support operator. Her role was to ensure that Krauser made it to the rendezvous point in time to meet with fellow agent Leon S. Kennedy. She briefed him on Leon's background and relayed Krauser's progress to command. Once he arrived at the destination and met with Leon, she blocked the comm channel and cut off all links to HQ, due to the delicacy of the US Government's involvement in the mission to apprehend Javier Hidalgo.

Two years later she acted as support op for Leon himself when he travelled to South Europe to investigate leads that the President's daughter was being held there. This time as it was an official mission, Hunnigan was on hand throughout the operation offering advice and assistance to Leon whenever necessary. Once Leon had secured Ashley, Hunnigan arranged for a rescue helicopter to be deployed to the area to extract them but it was shot down by the Los Illuminados.

During this mission, Hunnigan worked 24 hours a day with only one thing on her mind; rescuing the subject and successfully completing the mission. A textbook workaholic if ever there was one, she did not know the meaning of the words 'time off'. Her colleagues, who she treated rather coldly, would often bare witness to that.

Halfway through the mission, the Los Illuminados jacked the communications line, which meant Hunnigan lost contact with Leon for the remainder of his mission. By the time the line was free again, Leon had completed his mission. Leon seemed to have more than a professional interest in Hunnigan but she rebuffed his advances.

A year later in 2005, Hunnigan was on hand once more when Leon was involved in the T-Virus outbreak at Harvardville Airport. Once she had confirmation that the virus involved was indeed the T-Virus, she submitted a plan to the President who dispatched a convoy of marines to the scene, all of whom had been vaccinated against infection. It was thanks to them that the outbreak at the airport was contained.


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