The ultimate solider, Hunk is the man Umbrella calls when they need a tough mission completed. Hunk is the best solider in Umbrella’s arsenal, having earned the nickname “Mr. Death” because he survived missions in which every other operative was killed. Hunk was trained at Rockfort Island, at Alfred Ashford’s training center.

Hunk was sent to Raccoon City to retrieve a sample of the G-Virus for Umbrella after the previous team was killed. Hunk went in, killed everything in his way, retrieved the sample and escaped.

A few months later Hunk was ordered to move a frozen B.O.W. capsule for Alfred Ashford, though he was perplexed as to why his services were needed in a transport mission.

Either way, Hunk is always ready to carry out his orders, no matter what they are, but since the fall of Umbrella, his whereabouts are unknown.


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