Henry Travis

Henry was born into a family of seven children. He was obsessed with exploration and discovery and using dedicated his own personal slice of the family fortune into the exploration of Africa.

Thanks to the Travis family fortune, he was able to research harder and longer than most other explorers of the time and in the course of 34 years across the 19th century, made five expeditions to the country.

During his travels, Henry discovered the Ndipaya tribe hidden deep within the caves of Kijuju and witnessed the tribal chiefs gain great power after consuming the sonnentreppe flowers. He made sure he catalogged everything.

Henry compiled the records of his expeditions into an impressive 72-volume set entitled "Survey of Natural History." These books covered everything from animals, plants, insects, minerals, and topography to the native inhabitants and their cultures, histories, and traditions. These books also contained extensive records detailing the folklore of various peoples throughout the continent.

These tomes were a veritable encyclopedia of the African continent. Henry's survey was published in its entirety, but his meticulous details were viewed as products of creative license and an overzealous imagination. The books were ultimately discredited by the scientific community. Considered to be a novelty item, only a few copies of the entire series were ever published.

The shock of being shunned by the scientific community sent Henry into a deep state of depression.
He passed away only two years after his return from Africa.

It is now believed that the head of Travis Trading at that time (Henry's eldest brother) purposely spread the rumor that Henry's books were nothing more than fiction. The thought being that he did this because he wanted Travis Trading to be the only company that could exploit the information contained within those books.

While Travis Trading used Henry's discoveries to further their own ventures, Ozwell E. Spencer used them to discover the Progenitor Virus and give birth to Umbrella.


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