An RPD officer who took part in Operation Mop-Up during the Raccoon City outbreak. Working alongside officers Edward and Elliot, he provided cover whilst the others set the bombs in the town square. However, when the zombies broke through the barriers, both Edward and Elliot were killed. Instead of trying to help them, Harry panicked and retreated to the steps by the bridge.

A small group of survivors later arrived, but Harry was rooted to the spot, too scared to move. He offered the survivors his gun and asked them to try and activate the detonator. Despite his cowardice, Harry survived the night.

A few days later, Harry was still on duty and was in possession of a van. He was found by Rita who had recently escaped from the RPD. Together they headed back to the RPD to evacuate the survivors. Harry backed the van up to the front gate of the precinct house and Rita helped Kevin Ryman and several civillians climb aboard. However, as the zombies closed in, Harry's nerve buckled once more and he drove the van off before Rita could help Marvin Brannagh get inside.

Whether Harry survived Raccoon City's fate is unknown.


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