Greg Mueller

Greg was a researcher based in Raccoon City. Publically, he was a professor at the town university, yet he also had covert research facilities there.

He was involved with T-Virus experiments on a number of personnel in 1996, one of whom was Yoko Suzuki. After the tests were completed, he selectively erased the memories of all subjects involved.

This research data eventually led to Mueller creating a new Tyrant model, which he named ‘Thanatos’ after the Greek God. Umbrella was impressed with the model, and approved it for mass production, but Mueller wasn’t happy with this. He believed one masterpiece was enough and that ‘breeding’ his creation would only cheapen it.

In retaliation for this, Mueller conspired with fellow university professor and friend of George Hamilton, Peter Jenkins, to try and develop a cure for the T-Virus. If he was successful, he surmised he could potentially cripple a significant percentage of Umbrella’s bio-weapons programme. He wanted to use the threat of a cure to bargain himself a more influential role in the company.

The research was successful and a cure for the T-Virus was created, known as ‘Daylight’, which symbolised the opposite of Umbrella; you don’t need an Umbrella in the daylight. Peter Jenkins then discovered Greg’s background and Mueller killed him.

However, Umbrella found out what he was up to. During the Raccoon City incident, UBCS supervisor Nicholai Ginoveaf was ordered to track down Mueller and eliminate him. He was also tasked to gather a sample of the Tyrant’s blood so that Umbrella would have DNA to help create further research on Thanatos.

On the early hours of October 1st, a UBCS team deployed to Raccoon University and Greg released Thanatos in order to eliminate them.

Greg later confronted a group of survivors led by George Hamilton and Yoko Suzuki. George had come to the university looking for Peter and Greg recognised Yoko, cryptically hinting at her own past with Umbrella.

It was during this conversation, that Nicholai was hiding the rafters and he shot and killed Greg before detonating the university.


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