Another Raccoon City fire officer who was working as part of a four-man unit alongside Charlie, Len and Danny during the night of the outbreak. Whilst Charlie and Len were tasked to the Apple Inn to evacuate survivors, Gill and Danny were deployed to beneath the exit overpass.

However, after the boiler at the Apple Inn exploded and contact was lost with Charlie and Len, Gill and Danny raced to the scene to help them. Although they were too late, they did assist in evacuating several survivors who were trapped inside the lobby of the hotel, which was now heavily aflame.

Nearly a week later, Gill and Danny were two of the rare survivors still on active duty and were bravely conducting an aerial sweep of the city via helicopter looking for survivors only hours before the Code XX sterilisation plan was to be carried out.
Whilst flying over Raccoon University, they spotted several survivors and after watching them destroy the Thanatos Tyrant, they touched down and picked them up. They managed to escape the blast zone and Gill became one of the lucky handfuls of survivors that made it out of Raccoon City alive. What became of him after the incident is unknown.


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