George Trevor

George Trevor was a famous architect from New York. He was hired by Ozwell E. Spencer in 1962 to design and construct the Spencer Mansion in Raccoon Forest.

Little is known about Trevor's background history other than he married his childhood sweetheart, Jessica in 1949. Four years later they had a baby daughter, Lisa.

Sometime in early 1962 Trevor visited Raccoon City to meet with Spencer. There the rich nobleman outlined his vision for a grand mansion that would become his new home. Trevor listened intently and knew that Spencer's plans were going to be extremely hard for him to realise and that it would take all of his ingenuity and energy to realise it. Spencer also expressed a desire that the building be fitted with many unusual secrets that only he and Trevor would know about. Money was no object to Spencer and George Trevor suddenly found himself with his dream project and the biggest challenge of his career. George estimated that the mansion would take five years to complete.

By 1967, the mansion was completed and Spencer officially moved in in July. However, final work on the laboratory facilities situated beneath the mansion were not due to be finsihed until November.

As well as Spencer, Trevor also completed designs for Edward Ashford which is why certain rooms of the Antarctic Base bear resemblence to rooms from the Spencer Mansion.

In October that year, Spencer wrote to Trevor thanking him for his genius in designing his perfect home. He also invited the whole Trevor family over to stay the following month.

The dates Spencer arranged for them to visit clashed withthe Trevors' 18th wedding anniversary but George and Jessica were still keen to go as they wished to see the mansion in all its completed splendour.

However, George became delayed in New York working on another project and so sent Jessica and Lisa on ahead and they arrived at the mansion on Nov 10th.

All seemed well and George himself finally arrived three days later on the 13th. However, both Jessica and Lisa had already left. According to Spencer their aunt Emma was taken ill and they had to leave but in reality they had been captured by Spencer's men and locked up in the labs to be used as guinea pigs for the first ever human Progenitor Virus experiments. Trevor however, was far too distracted, taking in every detail of the mansion in all it's glory. He and Spencer enjoyed a delicious banquet in the dining room.

The next day Spencer gave George a guided tour of the mansion and informed him of his plans to create Umbrella. George spent the next few days in the mansion and gradually became slightly concerned that his family had not been in touch. But he became distracted again when he noticed features and structures in and around the mansion that were not part of his original design plans.

George eventually decided to leave and track down his missing family himself. However, before he could get out, he was captured and drugged by several researchers and moved down to a cell in the lab complex.

He managed to escape his cell and spent the next few days trying to escape. But it is futile, every possible way he knows is blocked. He eventually arrives at a small alcove that bears his own custom purpose built tombstone. As Trevor succumbed to exhaustion and dehydradion, he realised that this was all a trap by Spencer. He was allowed to escape his cell in order to test the solidity and security of the mansion. From the moment he escaped, Spencer knew the only place George could end up was here, where this tombstone had been built and was waiting for him. As he lay there, dying, he prayed that his family were safe, and it is perhaps fortunate for him that he went to his grave never knowing the terrible fate that became of them.

George Trevor was terminated on Nov 30th, 1967.


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