George Hamilton

George Hamilton was a surgeon working at the Raccoon City General Hospital. He never exactly took the lead and called the shots, but he did possess a cooperative spirit and had the power to naturally acquire the trust of others.

Outside of work he had a passion for clocks, watches and watchmaking. He had a big personal collection and had took a great interest in the various timepieces people wore around him.

He also liked outdoor pursuits, particularly canoeing and hiking.

He had a close friend in Raccoon City named Peter Jenkins who was a professor at Raccoon University. Peter had a hand in developing a vaccine for the T-Virus called 'Daylight'. Because of the deep trust he shared with George, Peter wanted to share this secret only with him.

George was relaxing in J's bar, the night out of the outrbeak. He managed to escape and spent the next week running and hiding in various locations around the city with other survivors. He got on especially well with waitress Cindy Lennox and the two became close during their travels.

By September 30th, George was sheltering in the underground car park of the Raccoon City Police Department when he found the message from Peter stuck on the wall. Immediately, he made his way to the university to look for this friend, but Peter had already been murdered. Following the instructions he left behind, George attempted to create the vaccine, whilst at the same time evading U.B.C.S. troops and a Tyrant that had been let loose by Umbrella researcher Greg Muller.

However, whether George was successful and made it out of Raccoon City alive or not has never been officially doucumented.


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