Forest Speyer

Forest Speyer was a military-certified explosives expert and a sniper, but served mostly as a vehicle specialist and mechanic for the S.T.A.R.S. unit. He was hired directly by Wesker, making him one of only two recruits alongside Kenneth Sullivan to be added to the team by the commanding officer. He was a crack marksman and a man who would do whatever was necessary to fulfill his mission perfectly.

His background remains largely a mystery, but he quickly developed solidarity with the other members through his unmistakable cockiness and charm. Despite his attitude, Forest was a consumate professional and his exceptional work ethic and results gained him respect and admiration across the RPD. One of his main responsibilites on the team was vehicle maintenance and he and Rebecca Chambers would service the helicopters before a mission.

In addition he had known both Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine before either of them joined Raccoon S.T.A.R.S. Once Chris joined the team, the two became firm friends. They would often go to target practice together and compete in intramural shooting contests. Although he had won awards in the past, Chris was generally recognised as the best shot on the team and Forest begrudging had to settle for second spot.

As well as Chris, Forest got along well with Jospeh Frost, and the three of them would often head out to the subburbs of Raccoon City, usually causing some sort of trouble before coming back.

A man of many talents, Forest also specialised in electronic crime, making him a counterhacker. In the months leading up to the mansion incident, Forest had been learning to use projectile ordnance.

For the incident itself, as well as his standard Samurai Edge, Forest also carried a grenade launcher. After becoming seperated from the rest of the team, Forest made it to the mansion along with Kenneth and Richard. After seperating to explore the vast manor, Forest was attacked on the second floor balcony and was pecked to death by crows. Due to the advanced state of decay his body was in when discovered, it's likely Forest was killed early on upon arriving at the mansion several hours before Alpha Team arrived.


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