Fong Ling

Fong Ling was of Chinese background and was an agent in the Chinese Safety Division.

A dedicated professional, she always put the mission ahead of any personal issues. On orders from her superiors, she tracked down and arrested her own brother because of his democratic political activities. He was arrested the very next day. Even so, she did not hold any ill will against her superiors or the government. She always puts aside all emotions to serve her homeland, China.

In 2002 she was called into action when terrorist and former Umbrella employee Morpheus D. Duvall, hijacked luxury cruiser Spencer Rain and threatened to launch missiles containing the T-Virus at key targets in both the US and China. Due to her role as seasoned covert agent for state security, Fong Ling was the natural choice for an infiltration mission.

She successfully made it onboard the Spencer Rain undetected and inavertedly saved the life of her American counterpart, Bruce Mcgivern, after he had been caught and was held at gun point by Morpheus. She threw a grenade onto the deck which distracted the terrorist long enough for Bruce to escape. Morpheus was also seriously injured in the blast.

Thanks to Fong Ling’s actions, Morpheus was forced to inject himself with the TG Virus, an experimental prototype Umbrella had recently created which involved the fusing together of the G-Virus with the T-virus antibody, which had given the new variant electrical properties.

Fong Ling continued with her mission across the ship, having frequent run-ins with Bruce yet never allowing him to compromise her movements. She referred to him as a ‘Don-Gua’ which meant idiot in Chinese yet to appease Bruce she told him it meant ‘cool guy’.

Eventually, they managed to escape the ship after Bruce had fought the prototype T-091 model Tyrant. Now on an island home to the Benthic Laboratories. Fong Ling continued her mission.

However, by this point, the Chinese Government had given into Morpheus’ terrorist demands and had made arrangements to pay the ransom demand, essentially making Ling’s presence on the island obsolete. Ling was now viewed as a liability by her own government, for now that they had agreed to pay the money, any further meddling by Ling could disrupt and anger Morpheus even further. She was now labelled expendable and a plot was put in motion for her to be killed by her own people.

Prior to her role as security agent, Fong Ling had been implanted with an electronic tracking device in her arm. This chip relayed her exact position to a Chinese orbital satellite platform high above the earth’s atmosphere.

The satellite launched a devastating attack in a bid to vaporise her but at the last moment, Bruce arrived to save her. Once they were safely out of range of the laser, he cut the implant out of her arm and destroyed it.

Even though she knew she had just been the victim of an assassination attempt by her own country, Fong Ling continued to remain loyal to both them and the mission and vowed to track Morpheus down.

Although she was later captured by Morpheus, she guided him through the maze-like corridors of the missile silo to the control room where he finally killed Morpheus who by this point had mutated out of control and then sabotaged the missiles.

Fong Ling and Bruce managed to escape on a life raft where they shared a romantic moment before being picked up by helicopter.


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