Enrico Marini

Enrico is a seasoned veteran and captain of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team. He is Wesker's second in command of the overall unit. He had more than enough experience to be the overall commander himself but thanks to strong pushing by Umbrella, who had part-funded S.T.A.R.S., the position was given to Wesker instead.

His abundant experience and popularity have earned him a deep trust from those around him, and he has performed many distinguished services unexpected of him. He was recognised for his immense willpower and is proud of his great knowledge of survival techniques.

However, despite his years of both military and police service, Enrico felt somewhat insecure about leading the secondary S.T.A.R.S. team and held a secret fear that either Chris Redfield or Barry Burton was going to replace him as second in command. He was also a little concerned about the constant influx of new recruits in the build up to the mansion incident. Regardless of this however, he never allowed these issues to affect his duty and he was always a confident leader in the field and is proud to lead the unit whenever Wesker allowed him to.

Once S.T.A.R.S. were officially assigned to the investigation of the brutal murders occuring in and around Raccoon Forest, Wesker gave Enrico the go-ahead to lead Bravo Team in an aerial search of the region. However, after unexpected and suspicious engine trouble, the team were forced to make an emergency landing.

After discovering a trashed MP wagon and learning that fugitive former marine Billy Coen was on the loose, Enrico made the tactical decision of splitting the team up to look for him.

It is assumed that in the ensuing storm, Enrico became seperated from the rest of the team, yet he was still in radio contact. He checked in with Rebecca on several occassions throughout the night.

It is likely he followed the train tracks in the forest and ended up at the vacant factory on the city limits. There he discovered William Birkin's underground lab and infiltrated it. It is here that he learned of Umbrella's viral research and that the old Spencer Mansion in the forest was actually a secret clandestine research facility.

By sheer coincidence, he ran into Rebecca at the factory who had arrived there looking for Billy Coen. After the revelations Enrico had uncovered about Umbrella he seemed uninterested in tracking Billy down any longer and instructed her to accompany him to the mansion. He also informed her that Richard, Forest and Kenneth were already ahead of him.

But Rebecca inisisted on tracking Billy down and perhaps against his better judgement, he allowed her to remain in the factory alone.

Enrico reached the mansion but never met up with the rest of Bravo Team. Whilst searching around, he discovered that the S.T.A.R.S. had been set up by Umbrella and that there was a traitor in the team. He was then attacked by an unknown B.O.W., probably a Hunter, and was left injured in the underground tunnels beneath the courtyard. The injury to his leg was so severe he couldn't move and was probably there for hours. For unknown reasons, Enrico believed the traitor was Chris Redfield, but when he was later found by members of Alpha Team, he was shot and killed by Wesker before he could reveal the full details of what he had uncovered.


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