Edward Ashford

Fifth-generation head of the Ashford family.

Along with Ozwell E. Spencer and James Marcus, he was one of the discoverers of the Progenitor Virus in Kijuju, December 1966. The three of them established Umbrella Corporation to cover up their continuing virus research. In doing so, Edward achieved the highest point of fame in a long and highly illustrious family.

However, although he had succeeded in cementing his place within the history of the Ashford clan, leaving a truly glorious list of achievements, he passed away in 1968, just a few months after the official formation of their company.

This came about when Edward initiated a top secret project involving the Progenitor Virus with his son, Alexander. However, something went catastrophically wrong and Edward was exposed to the virus. The virus had a negative effect upon his body and he died.

The leadership of the Ashford clan was succeeded to Alexander but this marked the beginning of the decline of this once glorious family.


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