Edward Dewey

Edward was the helicopter mechanic and flight navigator for the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team. After the team arrived on scene, Edward liked to trade in his joystick for a rifle and acted as a sniper, providing covering fire. His official position was Rear Security.

He was a tall, imposing man but had a warm-hearted personality leading many of his colleagues to refer to him as a 'gentle giant'. Although you could never guess judging by his large, imposing frame, his hobby was dance.

Edward looked after the junior members of the team twice as much as anyone else did, though Richard Aiken might have had something to say about that. With the mansion incident being Rebecca Chambers' first mission, he was secretly anxious for her.

Although normally Dewey was the main helicopter pilot for Bravo Team, during the Raccoon Forest operations, he gave the controls to Kevin Dooley from the R.P.D. and assumed the positon of co-pilot.

After the helicopter crashed, he picked up his trusty rifle and investigated the forest. However, he was bitten by a zombie and pursued by a pack of Cerberus dogs. He ran and managed to evade them by diving through the window of the still stationary Ecliptic Express. He was mortally wounded however, and despite the best efforts of Rebecca, he managed to warn her about the lurking dangers outside before dying in her arms.


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