Doug was a helicopter pilot affiliated with the West Africa Branch of the BSAA. Doug was close friends with Josh Stone and they liked to share plenty of banter during missions. Although not confirmed, it is likely that Doug was the helicopter pilot for the Delta Team, as Kirk Mathison was for Alpha Team.

Following the destruction of Delta Team by the Ndesu, orders were passed on to all surviving BSAA troops to withdraw from the area. However, when Chris and Sheva decided to go on alone, survivor of Delta Team Josh Stone promised to return with back-up.

He later contacted Doug and returned to the caves where he had dropped off Chris and Sheva. Whilst Doug patrolled the skies, Josh fought his way through the caves and eventually found Jill Valentine, now free of the P30 ancillary chemical that was controlling her movements. Together, they infiltrated Tricell's Communication Facility.

Josh radioed Doug to come and get them, and Doug seemed quite excited at the prospect of meeting the legendary Jill Valentine.

As Jill and Josh fought off wave after wave of Majini on the roof of the communications facility, Doug arrived in his chopper and set down on the landing pad. Jill was injured following an explosion caused by a rocket launcher, forcing Josh to go back for her. Seeing that they were unable to defend themselves, Doug bravely left the pilot's seat and grabbed his rifle. He helped get both Jill and Josh safely into the helicopter whilst he provided firing cover. However, as he made his retreat, he was killed when a Majini fired a rocket launcher directly at him.

It was thanks to his brave efforts however, that Josh and Jill were able to assist and rescue Chris and Sheva from Albert Wesker.


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