Dave Johnson

Dave was part of the Special Operations Unit of the B.S.A.A. working under the West African branch. Known for his unmatched driving skills, he usually held the position of main driver using missions.

He was especially skilled in off-road driving, with unpaved roads his particular speciality.

Before joining the B.S.A.A., Dave was somthing of a minor celebrity when his fierce passion for driving led to him competing in the Worldwide Rally Championships as a privateer. He even tasted victory by lifting the trophy.

He was just 27 years of age when he was deployed to Kijuju as part of Josh Stone's Delta Team. The mission had gone bad and Dave's unit had been called in to back-up Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar of Bravo Team. When they arrived they set up a perimeter around the crash site of Kirk Mathison's helicopter. They witnessed Chris and Sheva come under attack from majini on motorbikes. Dave had positoned himself on the roof of one of the houses. Armed with a sniper rifle, he shot and killed several majini.

Once the area was secured, Dave and the rest of Delta Team remained in town to mop up any roaming majini and rescue any still uninfected survivors, which included Adam.

They then received a message from Chris that Irving was heading to the marshlands and so they headed there in an attempt to cut him off and intercept him. Josh ordered Dave to take a humvee alone and drive back to the mining area to pick up Chris and Sheva.

At sunset, Dave arrived and picked up the two agents. As they headed back to rendezvous with the rest of Delta Team, they were attacked once more by majini driving trucks and motorbikes. Thanks mainly to Dave's formidable driving skills, they managed to survive the attack and outrun the enemy.

Arriving at another local town at nightfall, they discovered the rest of Delta Team had been killed by a B.O.W. deployed by Irving. This B.O.W., a variant of the El Gigante known as Ndesu attacked the agents and Dave was trodden on and killed.


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