Curtis Miller

Curtis Miller was born in 1970 and was a former employee of the NGO Terrasave. He joined the NGO after losing his wife and son to the tragedy of Raccoon City.

The loss of his family changed him and he became, angry, bitter and depressed. His relationship with his younger sister became very strained and as time went by they saw less and less of each other until he broke off all contact with her sometime in 2002.

He showed up again three years later and was arrested for organising numerous protests against Wilpharma’s Harvardville research facility. He eventually turned to terrorist activity after he learned the truth behind the Raccoon City incident from Wilpharma’s head researcher and former Umbrella employee; Fredrick Downing.

Downing began to manipulate Curtis, hoping to eventually persuade him to inject himself with the hidden sample of the G-Virus that was being kept in level 4 of the Wilpharma research facility. Downing got Curtis on his side by promising to expose the US Government, their link to Umbrella and the role they played in destroying Raccoon City. To do this they launched a terrorist threat on Harvardville and scattered the T-Virus across the airport.

Immediately following that incident, Curtis went home to say his final goodbyes and looked at a picture of his whole family before burning the place to the ground.

He went back to Wilpharma HQ and injected himself with the G-Virus in a final bid to expose the truth to everyone. His own sister Angela was called in to stop her, and the G-Curtis had to constantly fight the feelings of wanting to both protect her from harm and inject her with a G-embryo.

Eventually he was destroyed by Leon Kennedy and Angela.

Despite his actions, it was widely recognised that he had been manipulated all along by Fredrick Downing and that he was not an evil man. His life, like so many others before him, had simply been destroyed with the destruction of Raccoon City seven years ago.


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