Claire Redfield

Claire was the younger sister of Chris Redfield and was an active college student who adored motor biking more than anything else. And owned two large bikes. She had a close relationship with her brother and was extremely proud of his work in S.T.A.R.S.

Claire had a very strong-minded and individual personality. Chris taught her many survival techniques, including several moves with a combat knife and even gave her a standard issue S.T.A.R.S. knife that she kept on her at all times for self defence purposes.

Her combat skills with the knife and her highly accurate shooting skills were evidence enough that she had listened to her brother’s lectures. In addition to this, her manual dexterity was on a par with Jill Valentine, and she was an expert at lock picking.

Following the mansion incident, Chris left America for Europe to investigate Umbrella’s main headquarters. In order to protect Claire from possible harm from Umbrella, he broke off all contact with her and did not tell her where he was going or what he was up to. This move proved to backfire badly when Claire began to grow worried after he failed to get in touch.

Eventually, she decided to take time out from college and travelled to Raccoon City to find him. By the time she arrived, the city was already destroyed by the T-Virus outbreak.

After stopping off at Emmy’s diner for a break, she was soon attacked by hordes of zombies and was eventually saved by Leon S. Kennedy, himself a rookie cop who had only just arrived in town for his first day on the job.

Shortly after they met, their way was blocked when a rampaging tanker truck exploded.

After arriving at the police station she met surviving cop Marvin Brannagh who told her that they had lost contact with Chris over ten days ago and that every last S.T.A.R.S. member had disappeared. She then made her way to the S.T.A.R.S. office where she found Chris’ diary which confirmed he was no longer in Raccoon City.

Claire and Leon made plans to escape when she came across a little girl who identified herself as Sherry Birkin, daughter of legendary Umbrella researcher, William.

As they tried to escape through the sewers, they became separated and Sherry was infected with the G Virus at the hands of her mutated father. Claire later met Sherry’s mother Annette who told her the truth behind the outbreak.

After being reunited with Sherry, they travelled to Umbrella’s lab build underneath the city and set about finding a cure before it was too late.

After coming across Annette once more, she relayed instructions on how to create ‘Devil’, the vaccine for the G-Virus.

With Leon’s help, Claire and Sherry managed to escape Raccoon City on an underground train and they administered the cure to Sherry.

Immediately following the incident, Claire said her goodbyes and left Leon and Sherry. She had to find her brother and did not want to be delayed by the authorities. Both Leon and Sherry needed immediate medical attention and so they waited behind and were taken into custody of the US Government.

Claire’s ongoing search for her brother led her to Umbrella’s Paris lab facility. After infiltrating the building, she was captured and taken to Rockfort Island, a prison facility somewhere south of the equator and home of the legendary Ashford family, co-founders of Umbrella.

Whilst spending Christmas of 1998 incarcerated, Claire was suddenly freed when an aerial attack from an unknown force decimated the island’s defences and the T-Virus was released once more. She then met up with a fellow survivor, an escaped prisoner named Steve Burnside.

Together they managed to get to a computer where they discovered Umbrella had found out Chris’ whereabouts and had him under surveillance. Claire e-mailed Leon the location of Chris and told him to get in touch and warn him. She also sent the co-ordinates of Rockfort Island.

As she fought her way through the island, she met the deranged Alfred Ashford and his sister Alexia, although she later discovered that ‘Alexia’ was in fact Alfred dressed up in drag. Alexia had apparently died years ago.

She also had a run in with Albert Wesker, who revealed himself as the one who attacked the island. He decided to let her live, hoping that her presence would lure Chris to the island so he could get his revenge.

Claire and Steve managed to escape on a plane, but straight after take off the controls locked out and the plane was automatically rerouted to Umbrella’s transport terminal at the Antarctic. There they faced off with Alfred once more until Steve dealt him a mortal blow.

They both found a snowmobile and appeared to have escaped when they were suddenly attacked by the minions of a recently awaken Ashford sister that was long thought to have been deceased…

Claire woke up some hours later to find Chris standing over her. He had come to rescue her. Before they could leave, they had to find Steve, but Alexia had infected him with the T-Veronica virus and he mutated before Claire’s eyes. Steve regained just enough of his humanity not to kill Claire and was himself killed by the veronica tentacles.

Whilst Chris dealt with Alexia, Claire tried to escape to his waiting jet but was captured by Wesker. Once Chris found them, he let Claire go and she ran for the plane.

Both Chris and Wesker survived their face off, and Chris made it back to the jet where Claire was waiting. With seconds to spare before the base self-destruct activated, they escaped the facility.

In the years following the incident, Claire joined NGO Terrasave, a group that aided victims of bio-terrorism and inhumane medical experimentation and she travelled regularly around the world. It was a role she enjoyed and she revelled being in the position of ‘rescuer’ rather than ‘fighter’ as chosen by people such as Leon and Chris.

In 2005 however, she was thrown right back into the nightmare when she was caught up in the T-Virus attack on Harvardville Airport. Claire was one of a handful of survivors trapped in one of the VIP lounges. In an ironic twist of fate, Leon turned out to be her rescuer once again.

Claire later went with Wilpharma head researcher Fredrick Downing back to their research facility and discovered that they were in possession of the G-Virus. The building was then subjected to a suspected terrorist attack and she was injured in the blast.

She was forced to watch from behind the scenes, helping out as best she could as Leon and SRT member Angela Miller took care of the outbreak at the lab.

Following the incident, Claire resumed her work with Terrasave, promising that the next time they she and Leon met it would be under more normal circumstances.


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