Cindy Lennox

Cindy was a waitress at Jís Bar in Raccoon City. She was a popular person because of her unbreakable bright smile. Whether it was her nature or the environment, she was always full of a service spirit and always thought of other people over herself. Even when faced with a severe situation, she unexpectedly gathered her hidden courage and adapted to the realities of a cruel society.

Cindy was the most popular waitress at the bar and her colleague Will would often write in his diary about her beautiful smile. There was also a picture in the locker room of Will, the barís owner Jack, and herself depicting happy times. Jack was actually corrupt and was into the money laundering business. Cindy found this out and came across a hidden stash of money though she decided to say nothing about it. She also found the bar ownership papers just left carelessly lying around but did not dare to touch them.

Though Will had a bit of a crush on her, Cindy was more interested in his cooking and often read a book of Willís treasured secret recipes. She was also into clothes and owned a full bunny girl outfit.

Cindy was working in Jís bar the night the Raccoon outbreak spiralled out of control. She was frightened by a rat scurrying across the floor and dropped a glass. When the zombies poured into the bar, she had to watch in horror as her close friend Will was eaten alive.

She helped a small group of survivors escape by leading them up to the roof and across to the vacant apartment block next door. She was then picked up by the RPD and evacuated from the area.

Later on, she made her way through the Raccoon Zoo in a bid to meet one of the designated rescue helicopters set up by deputy police chief Raymond Douglas. Although she had narrow scrapes with ĎOscarí the zombified elephant, she managed to escape. The rescue helicopter however, had crashed and the zombies were feasting on the corpses of the dead.

She got on extrememly well with George Hamilton, and the two became close during their travels.

It is currently unknown whether Cindy Lennox escaped from Raccoon City alive or not.


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