Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield began a career in the military at a young age. He enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1995 where he learned how to pilot. He gained a service record filled with both commendations and disciplinary actions alike. He was often a source of frustration for his superior officers yet his dedication and determinism was unrivalled. He was also rigourously trained in hand-to-hand as well as knife combat.

Commanding officers described him as 'uncompromising', 'possessing unwavering dedication', and 'having a high level of adaptability.' It was these traits that saw Chris earn his wings, but also these same traits that brought him into direct conflict with his superiors.

Eventually, Chris began to gradually become disillusioned with life in the military and was unceremoniously discharged from the Air Force for exceeding the authority vested in his rank after frequent disagreements with his superiors. Chris was the type of man who placed human life at a greater priority than following orders, which was not always in synch with the military mindset.

Chris became a drifer, aimlessly wandering from town to town until he had a chance meeting with Barry Burton. Discovering Chris' keen aim and previous expertise, Barry recruited him for the Raccoon City S.T.A.R.S. There, he quickly proved his worth, becoming the top marksman on the team and field testing the new weaponry custom made for them. He soon caught the watchful eye of Captain Wesker who could easily see the potential in Chris.

In the build up to the mansion incident, Chris put his heart and soul into trying to uncover the truth into the brutal murders and dissappearances in and around Raccoon Forest. At one point he was even putting in 16 hour shifts.

On the night of July 24th 1998, Chris along with the rest of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team were dispatched to the Arklay Mountains after contact was lost with Bravo Team. After being chased inside the Spencer Mansion when their unit was set upon by a pack of Cerberus dogs, Chris became seperated from the rest of the team.

As he searched the mansion, he came across Bravo Team survivors Rebecca Chambers and Richard Aiken. The three of them stove to uncover the truth as one by one they came across the dead S.T.A.R.S. members, slain by the unimaginable horrors that were lurking in the mansion corridors. Eventually, Richard was killed and Chris and Rebecca made it to the hidden labs and discovered that Wesker had betrayed them and was apparantly working for Umbrella.

Chris foiled Wesker's plans by slaying the Tyrant, rescuing Jill and escaping alive from the mansion before it blew up.

In the weeks following the incident, Chris tried to convince the R.P.D. to launch a full-scale investigation into Umbrella, yet progress was hampered thanks to the efforts of Chief Irons. He became frustrated and assaulted a junior officer. He even asked a contact he had in the FBI to investigate Brian Irons. Eventually, after doing some digging of his own, he discovered Umbrella's plans for the G-Virus.
With Jill opting to stay in Raccoon City to investigate Umbrella's facilities and Barry flying his family safely away to Canada, Chris left America to travel to Europe to investigate Umbrella's main HQ in Paris.

Once he arrived in Europe, Chris dropped off the radar. Neither the R.P.D. or even his own sister, Claire, knew of his location. The only person who had a clue to his whereabouts was his trusted partner Jill Valentine who knew the address of the safehouse he was staying at.

When Claire Redfield went missing, a concerned Leon Kennedy used all the resources available in his new found position in the government to track Chris down and let him know of his concerns about Claire.

Leon was in contact sometime later when Claire had e-mailed him from Rockfort Island. He relayed the co-ordinates of the island and Chris set off by boat to rescue her, asking Leon to organise a rescue mission.

Arriving at Rockfort by boat, Chris met injured prison officer Rodrigo Juan Raval who informed him Claire had likely already escaped from the island. After investigating further, Chris discovered his former commander, Albert Wesker, was still alive and kicking and was behind the original attack on Rockfort that had released the T-Virus. Wesker let slip that Claire was now in the Antarctic and after barely escaping with his life, Chris took one of Alfred Ashford's harrier jets and set off for the South Pole.

When he arrived, he successfully rescued his sister and destroyed Alexia Ashford, who had recently been awakened with the T-Veronica virus flowing through her body. However, he was unable to help Steve Burnside, the young teenager who had helped Claire escape Rockfort Island in the first place.

He had one final confrontation with Wesker which drew the lines for a personal battle between the two that would take up almost the next decade. Only an exploding gas pipe seperated the two and both decided to retreat as the base was minutes away from self-destructing. Wesker left a chilling parting warning that Chris would not be as lucky next time around.

After escaping the Antarctic Base with Claire, Chris spent the next few years laying low but watching intently from behind the scenes the unfolding scenes at Umbrella following their business suspension and ongoing court case regarding the Raccoon City tragedy.

As B.O.W.s began to appear on the black market, Chris and Jill joined a private regional biohazard containment unit allied with the Russian Government and investigated reports of a creature attacking the residents of a small village in the Russian Caucasus.
Arriving in the village, Chris had another confrontation with Wesker and their battle led them to Sergei Vladimir's chemical factory located just a few miles away. There they faced and destroyed Umbrella's latest weapon; the T.A.L.O.S.

After securing the facility, Chris knew they had finally struck the fatal blow and that Umbrella was finished. But he knew the battle would never be over as long as Wesker was still out there.

Later in 2003, Chris became one of the founding members of the Biohazard Security Assesment Alliance, a bio-terrorism investigation team funded by the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium and later the United Nations. He became a Special Operations Agent with Level 10 clearance. Together with Jill he policed the world, stopping bio-weapons in Asia, destroyed bio-weapon labs in South America and arrested smugglers in Europe. All this time they tried without success to track down Albert Wesker.

In 2006, the B.S.A.A. received intelligence on the possible whereabouts of Umbrella's founder, Ozwell E. Spencer. Hoping he could lead them to Wesker, Chris and Jill decided to pay him a visit. There they battled Spencer's last experiment the 'Keeper of Madness' and explored a mansion eerily similar to the old mansion from Raccoon Forest.

As if by fate, Wesker was already waiting for them and another battle ensued. Only this time it ended in tragedy as Wesker gained the upper hand over Chris and was about to deliver the finishing blow when Jill tackled him and sent both herself and Wesker smashing outside a window and plummeting hundreds of feet to the ground below.

Chris searched for Jill's body for three months without success. After she was declared dead, Chris redoubled his efforts to eradicate all bio-organic weapons wherever they may be.

Three years later, Chris took part in the B.S.A.A. operation in Kijuju in Africa. Originally he was just an observer but once the presence of Ricardo Irving was confirmed in the area, Chris expedited the original investigation due to Irving being of American nationality and so became directly involved. Chris became part of the two-man Bravo Team assigned alongside West-African agent, Sheva Alomar.

Chris and Sheva soon discovered that Kijuju was swarming with Las Plagas, the parasite Leon Kennedy had documented following his mission in South Europe five years earlier. Intel received from other B.S.A.A. teams contained evidence that Jill was perhaps still alive.

Ignoring orders to retreat from the area, Chris pressed on deeper into Kijuju and discovered that Albert Wesker was once again the man behind everything. Worse still, he discovered that Jill was indeed still alive but thanks to a surgical implant, was doing the bidding of Wesker.

After saving Jill, Chris and Sheva followed Wesker onto the Tricell tanker for a final showdown. There they managed to kill an Uroboros-infected Excella Gionne and damage Wesker by injecting him with too much of the PG67-AW serum which acted as a poison to his system.

Determined not to let Wesker escape again, Chris pursued him onto a stealth jet and de-pressurized the rear cabin causing the jet to crash onto a volcanic island, preventing Wesker from launching Uroboros virus missiles into the atmosphere.

Wesker infected himself with Uroboros and pursued Chris for the final battle. After weakening him, Chris and Sheva escaped onto a helicopter containing Josh Stone and Jill. There he fired a rocket launcher at Wesker and finally killed him for good.

As they flew away into the sunset, Chris concluded that all the fighting he had done over the years had been worth it, for it allowed them all to live from that moment on in a future without fear


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