Hilda Hidalgo

Hilda was the wife of South American druglord, Javier Hidalgo. In 1986, Hilda gave birth to their daughter, Manuella. Whilst living in their mansion in Amparo, Hilda developed a rare form of agressive cancer in 1991 when Manuella was just five years old. The cancer was so potent, Hilda's condition deteriorated rapidly. Javier's desperate search for a cure eventually led to him contacting Umbrella. Thanks to his vast wealth, he was able to gain the attention of the more 'illegal' side of the corporation and was put in contact with a researcher working directly underneath the Ashford family.

Javier purchased several experimental strains of the T-Virus and on February 25th 1991, Hilda was injected as she began a course of viral therapy. Two months later, her condition had much improved, the cancer that was spreading through her body had miraculously dissappeared, yet she had still to awaken from her coma.

Eventually, Javier became frustrated. Hilda's body was essentially free of the cancer yet still she did not wake up. He was hesitant to stop administering the virus in case it came back again. In the end, he kept on injecting her and eventually she mutated into a monster.

Not having the heart to kill her, Javier kept her alive and moved her to a special facility within the bowels of his mansion. There she remained for eleven years until she was released upon the hapless residents of Mixcoatl village.

Despite her mutated form, Hilda did display traits of some human semblence. She knew Manuella was her daughter and would often follow her. Manuella's lullaby that she sang often seemed to calm Hilda and she would stop attacking people.

She was eventually sent to her death by Leon Kennedy and Jack Krauser in the basement of Javier's mansion. In that battle, she inflicted an injury upon Krauser that would seemingly end his military career. Before she died, she shared one last tender moment with her daughter and a single tear rolled down her face


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