Carter was a researcher working at Umbrella's Corporate Headquarters in Raccoon City. Whilst there he was involved in the manufacture of a vaccine for the T-Virus. Due to the nature of their work, he personally paid for an extra safety measure at the lab; a remote control to command and control a T-103 unit. The man developing it, Jeffrey, explained that it was really hard to tune the frequency so as to not be disrupted by other machinery operating nearby. He also needed to be within six feet of the target when using it. He also advised Carter not to use it at all. Carter also installed an extra safety measure and implanted the Tyrant with an internal explosive which could be activated by his remote control.

When the Raccoon City biological disaster unfolded. Carter tried to grab the vaccine sample and escape. However, sections of the corporate HQ were on fire and this caused the fire supression system to activate, trapping Carter, another researcher named Linda and a handful of civillians inside the building. To make matters worse, a number of Hunter Us had escaped from their pens and were now roaming the facility, blocking any escape.

Carter tried to overcome this problem by using his remote control and activating the Tyrant. At first it was working perfectly and the Tyrant destroyed all the Hunters in its path. However, when they reached the exit, the Tyrant turned against them and killed Carter.


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