Bruce McGivern

Bruce was a member of the US Strategic Command Forces {US STRATCOM} and was an agent assigned to an Anti-Umbrella Investigation Taskforce.

He had a strong sense of justice and was very reckless, even disregarding his own life on occasion. He had a tendency to lose control, but when it came to his job, he was a top-notch professional.

In 2002 he was called into action when terrorist and former Umbrella employee Morpheus D. Duvall, hijacked luxury cruiser Spencer Rain and threatened to launch missiles containing the T-Virus at key targets in both the US and China. Three days after Morpheus had broken into Umbrella’s Paris lab facility and stolen three samples of the T-Virus, Bruce infiltrated the ship.

The mission didn’t go according to plan and Bruce was apprehended by Morpheus almost immediately. Held at gunpoint, Morpheus was just about to execute Bruce when he was saved by Fong Ling who threw a grenade down from the top deck. The resulting explosion allowed Bruce to escape and wounded Morpheus badly.

Bruce began his search of the ship only to find all the passengers and crew were now zombies. He received a radio message from HQ who informed him that Morpheus was holding the US and China to ransom by demanding 5 billion dollars to stop him launching missiles loaded with the T-Virus at both countries.

He also met up with Fong Ling, a female agent working for the Chinese Ministry of State Security. Although Bruce tried to forge a working relationship with her, she decided he would only slow her down and insisted on them working alone.

He eventually confronted Morpheus once more who by this time had injected himself with the TG Virus. He also later fought off Umbrella’s latest Tyrant model; the T-091 and barely escaped with his life as the Spencer Rain ran aground on an island that contained Benthic Laboratories; Umbrella’s old waste disposal plant for failed B.O.W.s. The plant was now Morpheus’ base of operations.

He met up with Fong Ling once more and saved her after she became a target for assassination by her own government after a satellite laser platform was deployed to kill her.

Eventually Bruce tracked Morpheus down and destroyed him through use of the charged particle rifle.

Following the incident, he tried to persuade Fong Ling to return to America with him but she declined, though they did share a few romantic moments in the life raft before they were rescued.


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