Chief Brian Irons

Irons was the Chief of the Raccoon City Police Department. While pretending to be a warm-hearted police chief, concerned first and foremost with the safety of the city, he was actually concerned only with lining his own pockets. Since 1993, Irons had been accepting illegal bribes from Umbrella Corporation to cover up all sorts of illegal activity. In addition, Irons' job was to stop any investigation into matters related to Umbrella's secret research.

His background was very dark. During his college years, he had been arrested twice for domestic violence against his wife, and he even avoided taking his annual psychiatric evaluation.

One of his first actions was de-railing the police investigation into the hospital in the Arklay Mountains which abruptly closed down in 1993 following the dissappearance of a local reporter. Over time, his 'favours' for Umbrella made him a very rich man.

Using the money he earned from these bribes, Brian purchased expensive paintings and trophies. His yen for collecting knew no bounds, and he became a true art maniac, even going so far as to adorn hidden rooms in the police station with his works. To cover up Irons' secret role, Umbrella even installed a hidden room and passage leading to the sewer network, which in turn led to William Birkin's lab. This meant that he could visit Umbrella's labs without anyone thinking he had left his own office.

Irons set up security all over the RPD in order to preserve his secret, but his countermeasures weren't completely successful. In particular, the notes left by his secretary and the daily reports of the sewer repairman clearly showed his scheming and eccentricities.

His situation started to spin right out of control following the mansion incident. When the S.T.A.R.S. survivors tried to launch an official investigation into Umbrella, Irons managed to stall them, yet he constantly had William Birkin on his back reminding him to watch them. Chris Redfield had begun to suspect that Irons was in Umbrella's pocket and called on a friend in the FBI to make some enquiries into Irons' murky past.

In the month leading up to the Raccoon City tragedy, the terrorism level had gone up in the area and this prompted Irons to install a security measure in the station that involved the release of nerve gas. This was to be used as a last resort only.

When Irons' discovered Raccoon City was infected his sanity managed to get away from him. He shot and killed several of his own officers, took all the ammo from weapons storage and hid it throughout the precinct and killed Mayor Michael Warren's daughter. He planned to stuff her and make a trophy out of her.

He had several encounters with Claire Redfield but was finally killed by the William Birkin G-creature.


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