Brandon Bailey

Brandon was a student of the great Dr. James Marcus. He was also a privledged member of the original expedition that uncovered the Progenitor Virus in 1966.

When they took samples back to America, Bailey began to have arguments with Marcus about the direction the research was taking. He also thought the idea of starting a pharmacetical company was pointless as they only had limited samples of Progenitor to begin with. Bailey was against the idea because they could not artificially produce their own samples.

In 1968 after Umbrella had been founded, Bailey was sent to Africa to oversee development of Umbrella's new research facility and to send samples of Progenitor back to America upon request. His partnership with Marcus was ended after the Doctor was posted as Director of the new Management Training Facility in Raccoon Forest.

Although he didn't know it at the time, Bailey would spend the next 30 years in Africa overseeing Progenitor's production.

His enthusiasm for life dampened when he heard of Marcus' death in 1988. Bailey had nothing but respect and admiration for Marcus all through his life and no doubt was kept in the dark regarding the circumstances of his 'death'.

He didn't even show any emotion when he heard of the T-Virus outbreak at the Arklay Labs or the destruction of Raccoon City.

In November 1998 he was told Umbrella Africa was to be shut down and he realised there and then that he had more or less wasted the last 30 years of his life.

He died not long after. Whether it was through natural causes or via Spencer's plan to keep the African facility a secret, was never made clear.


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