Bitores Mendez

Bitorez Mendez was the Chief of the small Pubelo in the Salazar territory of Southern Europe. He was a preacher of the Los Illuminados and right hand man to cult leader, Osmund Saddler. He coordinates and controls the actions of all his constituents. He is a tall and intimidating man. His extreme height and imposing physique - hidden beneath a dark raincoat - induce fear in anyone who dared to stand in his way.

Another key characteristic of the village chief are his differently coloured eyes, the left one being a false eye. This eye activates a retinal scanner that opens the gate leading to the pathway that runs up to Salazar Castle.

The chief lived in relative luxury compared to the other villagers. While they survived on the bare bones in sparsley furnished huts and shacks, Mendez had his own mansion built on the brow of a hill. The mansion contained a kitchen complete with appliances, books and a master bedroom. Mendez also kept the key for the underground tunnel leading to the church at his house.

The chief is also a priest - a cultured man, who long ago spread Los Illuminados' religious beliefs throughout the region. More recently, he had been convincing the local villagers of the publeo to accept the Los Illuminados teachings by inviting down Osmund Saddler to hold regular sermons at the village church. He described the Las Plagas parasite as a way to cleanse their sinful blood and put an end to their unclean bloodline. He even managed to convince them that the original Lord Salazar, whom the villagers had worshipped for generations as a great man, was in fact an evil man who who had gotten in the way of the good deeds of the Los Illuminados.

As a man of faith, his loyalty to the cult's leader, Osmund Saddler, was absolute. He would stop at nothing to eliminate anyone or anything threatening the new world order envisioned by his spiritual guide.

Mendez was an intelligent and educated man. Unlike the mindless Ganado, as one of Saddler's right hand men Mendez was injected with a modified subordinate plaga. This specialised version ensured that the host organism doesn't lose his mind and makes it possible to control the parasite with the host's will. This meant Mendez still kept his intelligence and this was demonstrated by the notes and documents he wrote and left scattered across the village.

In the build up to the incident, Mendez passed photographs and intelligence on Leon to his fellow villagers and ordered them to attack him on sight. He had also sensed the danger posed by Luis Sera and had locked him up in the old farmhouse, as ordered by Sadder.

He also successfuly captured Leon which led to him being injected with a plaga egg. He questioned the decision to keep Luis and Leon together and this observation was later to be proved correct when they both later escaped.

He also successfully captured Ada Wong and took her to the sacrificial chamber to be executed. However, she escaped before the Ganado could kill her.

He had several run ins with Leon. He originally decided to let Leon live following his injection, deciding just to let time run it's course and allow him to transform into a Ganado. But the Illuminados had clearly underestimated Leon and Mendez knew they had to capture him as he could have destroyed the whole village before he transformed.

Knowing Leon would have to confront him to leave the village, Mendez waited for him at an old barn on the outskirts of the village. After a small fight in which Mendez was horribly burned, he triggered his mutation and turned into a spider-like creature with amazing reflexes. Despite this, Leon managed to kill him and removed his false eye.


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