Billy Coen

An ex-marine, Billy had a traumatic experience during a mission in Africa. Charged with stopping a civil war, they were instructed to infiltrate a guerrilla base. During the mission almost all of Billy’s squad was killed, with only four survivors by the time they reached what they thought was their destination. However, due to bad intelligence, they arrived at a civilian village instead, and out of anger their captain ordered his men to kill everyone. Billy tried to stop the act but was unsuccessful; it is not known if he participated.

Billy was later tried and convicted for the murder of 23 civilians. While being transported across the Arclay Mountains his transport vehicle crashed, allowing Billy to escape into the woods, where he stumbled upon a nearby train that happened to be filled with zombies. While on the train, Billy also encountered Rebecca Chambers, who was ordered to bring him in; however, they were stuck on the train together, decided to partner up instead.

Their adventure took them to an Umbrella training facilty crawling with more monsters. As time went on Rebecca began to trust Billy, and the two of them eventually defeated the cause of the outbreak, James Marcus. After they escaped from the Umbrella lab Rebecca decided to let Billy go free, intending to inform her superiors that Billy Coen died. Billy walked off into the Arclay Mountains and has since disappeared.


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