Ben Bertolucci

Ben was a freelance reporter who had come to Raccoon City to investigate the strange goings on in the city just before things got out of control. Although Ben was quite ambitious and overly concerned about money, he was also willing to risk danger to himself in order to expose injustice.

Just like Leon S. Kennedy, he became concerned with the frightening incidents in Raccoon City. He made his way to the town and booked himself into room 104 of the Apple Inn and prepared to begin his investigation.

In order to find out the truth, he got himself locked up in the jail of the Raccoon City Police Department just prior to the major outbreak. During his investigations, he discovered the truth about Chief Irons and that he was on the take from Umbrella.

While Raccoon City was facing its destruction as a result of the biological accident, Ben stole a key from a guard. However, instead of escaping, he chose to stay in the cell and remain hidden.

He was visited by several survivors and enlisted their help by asking them to retrieve a document he had mislaid in the station. This document was a list of receipts of the payments Chief Irons had recieved from Umbrella.

A few days later, he was visited by Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong. Although keeping his cards close to his chest, he did provide them with a way to escape from the police station through the sewers. But he was adamant he would not leave his cell. This proved to be his downfall when he was attacked and killed by William Birkin.


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