Arnold was leader of a UBCS platoon deployed on a secret mission to locate and prevent Rodriguez, a rogue member of the USS, from stealing a new prototype B.O.W. dubbed ‘Nyx’.

Arnold was under the supervision of Umbrella executive Tommy Neilson, who had also joined the mission to ensure it was carried out successfully. However, Neilson was of a weak disposition and his presence made no difference to Arnold.

In the early hours of October 1st, 1998, his unit was based on the overpass, overlooking the Apple Inn. Arnold had ordered his men to secure them a perimeter by lacing the surrounding areas with land mines. Whilst his men were carrying out this duty, Arnold himself was taking pot shots at the zombies below with his sniper rifle, looking to get past the 100 kills mark.

It was here he accidentally shot Umbrella scientist Linda in the leg at the entrance to the Apple Inn. Upon realising his mistake, Arnold found it funny more than anything.

Some time later, Arnold intercepted a transmission from HQ and learned of the Code XX eradication plan. Angrily he confronted Neilson, furious he had not been informed Umbrella was planning on destroying the whole city. Defying Neilson’s orders, Arnold abandoned the mission and his unit, attempting to flee the city before its imminent destruction.

Whether he was successful or not, is unknown. He was never heard from again.


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