Ark Thompson

Ark Thompson was a Private Detective and a close friend of Leon S. Kennedy. Following the Raccoon City incident, Leon had taken up a position with the US Government. His intelligence missions into Umbrella led him to Sheena Island and he requested that Ark infiltrate the island and investigate Umbrella's dealings there.

Ark arived in October 1998 and because he knew people had heard about but not seen Vincent Goldman, the island's Supreme Commander, he decided to impersonate him as a means of gathering intelligence.

His main point of contact was the janitor of the sewers, Andy Holland. However, when Andy took a picture of him, Ark became angry for fear that it might accidentally expose him as an imposter. One thing Ark hadn't bargained for, was the son of an Umbrella worker named Lott Klien. His father was an acquaintance of Goldman's and Lott had actually seen and spoken with the Commander before, so he knew Ark was lying about his identity.

Lott informed Commander Goldman of this.

When Goldman unleashed the T-Virus across the island in November, he caught Ark going through his private office. The two had a scuffle and Ark tried to escape in his helicopter. The resulting confrontataion ended up with Goldman apparantly being killed and Ark crash landing in his helicopter. The crash caused Ark to suffer from memory loss, and he had no idea who he was or where he was. He came across Goldman's body, who in an ironic twist, was holding Ark Thompson's ID dog tags, making him believe that was Goldman's real identity.

As he moved across the island, he was stalked by Andy Holland. The janitor still believed that he was the real Vincent and was trying to kill him. He also found documents and files that further linked him to the role of Goldman, eventually making Ark believe that he was the real Vincent Goldman.

Ark tried to atone for his apparant wrongdoings by saving the lives of two children he had caught glimpses of in the main Umbrella building. When he finally caught up with them, Lott Klein explained that he was not Goldman, but Detective Ark Thompson. He also explained that he kept running away from him because he was scared as he was the one who had informed Goldman that Ark had arrived as a spy on the island.

Following this revelation, his memory began to return and he recalled coming to the island because of a request by his friend Leon S. Kennedy. He was confronted by the real Goldman in the Tyrant Factory, where Goldman was killed by the Hypnos T-Type. After taking an underground railcar to a private heliport at the edge of the island. Ark finally killed the Tyrant and he escaped via helicopter with both Lily and Lott Klein.


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