Annette Birkin

The wife of William Birkin, the head researcher and discoverer of the G-Virus.

Always helping from the shadows with her husband's important research, Annette was originally a researcher at Arklay Labs herself, and met William when he was senior researcher there. After marrying, she gave birth to their daughter, Sherry, in 1986. Even after becoming a mother, she threw herself back into the research out of love for her husband.

Then, after William receieved permission from Umbrella to begin his new G-Virus project, she was also allowed to participate in it. Her role was to be in charge of communications with outside parties from their new underground laboratory in Raccoon City. In this way, she became acquainted with Brian Irons, Chief of the Raccoon City Police Department.

In 1998 following the mansion incident, the surviving members of the S.T.A.R.S. team had learned of the G-Virus and William Birkin was able to keep them at bay by regularly bribing the chief. Through Annette, he was therefore able to monitor police activities.

When Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy sneaked into the research lab, Annette mistook them for spies who were after the G-Virus, and openly displayed her hostility towards them. This was because Umbrella had already tried to steal their research, and Annette had come to view everyone with paranoid and suspicious eyes. Since the Umbrella Special Service led by Agent Hunk had been sent out in force, William had been forced to inject himself with the G-Virus in order to stay alive. But in doing so, he lost his identity.

When her beloved husband was eaten up by the G-Virus and turned into a monster, an evolution that no one had predicted took place. Annette's remaining responsibility was to retrieve the sample of G-Virus hidden in Sherry's locket and continue her husband's unfinished research.

As soon as Annette realised the virus had been leaked in the sewers, she immediately contacted Sherry and told her to go directly to the police station. She was to ignore everybody she came across, including her school friends. Annette informed her that she would meet her there. She also presumably contacted Chief Irons and informed him of William's assassination and the virus spill.

However, due to unknown circumstances, Annette never made it to the station.

Days later, while Annette was wandering about, looking for the locket in her half-mad state, she was fatally attacked by the monster that was once her husband. The image of her own daughter, hovering between life and death, came to her mind. Just before she died, she recovered her senses enough to provide Claire Redfield with instructions on how to prepare the G-Virus vaccine; Devil. Then, after speaking of her regrets as a mother and leaving her sincere words of apology to her daughter, Annette left this world.


Excella Gionne, a member of the world-renowned Gionne Family, had never been one to follow trends. Where other, and lesser, women would have depended on their beauty and familial connections to gain a position of power, Excella did it the old fashioned way: through hard work.

Excella's background began with her father, whom worked hard to ensure that the Gionne family was well known and respected throughout Europe for their successful export-import business. The fact that her grandmother was a member of the noble Travis family, the founders of Tricell, had endowed Excella with quite a noble and storied lineage.

She was blessed with model-like beauty and having been raised in such an aristocratic family led to her being very haughty towards those around her, especially men.

She inherited her father's business sense, which, when paired with her keen intellect, allowed her to quickly move through school and university at a young age. There she majored in genetic engineering, and her talents were recognised by her grandmother's family. With her connections she was able to enter Tricell's pharmaceutical division at the age of just 18.

However, despite her early success, she was still a Gionne, and was labelled as an offshoot of the famed Travis family. Even with all the research teams at Tricell's disposal, Excella was given only one. She viewed this as a slight.

In 2003, Excella was approached by Albert Wesker. Wesker's interest in Excella was piqued by her intelligence and character. It was at this time he provided her with all the information he had concerning the T-Virus and other research. Excella was now armed with the tools to make the advances to her career that she desired.

In 2004, after Wesker severed all his ties to The Organization, he became formal business partners with Excella and supplied her with the modified control plaga he had been sent by Ada Wong following it's extraction from Southern Europe.

A few years later, thanks to Excella's efforts in expanding Tricell's market share, she was given more of a voice within the company. Before long, she was making key decisions that would affect the fortunate of the pharmaceutical divisions. She even became the official Tricell representative of the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium.

After further manipulation from Wesker, Excella then set her sights on the position of CEO of the Tricell Africa Division. Her adroit use of flattery and intimidation soon landed her that powerful position. Once she was installed, her first order of business was to excavate and restore the old Umbrella Africa facility. This was so Tricell could gain access to the elusive Progenitor Virus that would help Wesker and herself achieve their goal of creating the Uroboros Virus.

Excella also employed Ricardo Irving, a known weapons dealer, to sell B.O.W.s on the black markets in order to generate funding for the project.

By 2009, Excella was infatuated with Wesker and made sure his every order was carried out to the max. She knew of his intentions to create a new world order and if Wesker was to be King than Excella saw herself as his Queen. She was responsible for ensuring Wesker got his regular dose of the PG67-AW serum.

When the B.S.A.A. raided Kijuju in March, once enough battle data had been collected, Excella used her connections in the GPC to get all survivng B.S.A.A. units to retreat from the area. However, both Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar defied this order and remained behind.

Eventually, Excella was betrayed by Wesker and he injected her with Uroboros. Unfortunately for her, the virus rejected her and she became just another huge mass of tentacles. She was then killed by a satellite laser weapon operated by Chris Redfield.


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