Angela Miller

Angela was Captain of the Special Response Team in Harvardsville and the younger sister of ex-Terrasave member, Curtis Miller.

The SRT was a special unit commissioned to handle emergency situations, response and life saving missions. She was born and raised in Harvardsville and prided herself for protecting her beloved hometown.

During her days as a rookie, Angela responded to a call about a young girl who had fallen into a river. Recklessly and without a second’s hesitation, she plunged in the river to rescue her. Although she was successful, she got into difficulties and three other SRT members were seriously injured in rescuing her from the water. This incident continued to haunt Angela until the present day.

She was close to her brother and her family, yet when Curtis lost his wife and child in the Raccoon City tragedy he became a changed man and their relationship gradually became more and more strained. Eventually, in 2002, she lost contact with him altogether.

Three years later, Angela discovered that Curtis had taken extreme measures and had gotten himself arrested. She used this as a means to try and re-contact him. She had also recently begun to investigate Wilpharma Corporation and wondered if Curtis had any insider information on them.

Angela also suffered Curtis’ loss greatly as she was very close to his child. Even 7 years after her death she still addressed letters and diary entries to him, knowing that he was never going to be around to read them.

She even tried to wipe away the pain by selling the family home in Harvardsville but she pulled out at the last moment and still found herself sleeping in Curtis’ child’s empty bed at nights.

She got a lead on her brother that he was staying in a hotel in Chicago. Yet when she got up there there was no trace of him. What was even stranger was that the room Curtis had supposedly been staying in was registered to an address that did not exist.

On October 23rd 2005, her life changed once again when her team was called in to deal with the T-Virus outbreak at Harvardsville airport. Together with Greg Glenn and US Special Agent Leon S. Kennedy, she managed to rescue several survivors from the infested airport, including local senator Ron Davis and Claire Redfield.

She also discovered that Curtis may have been behind the attack. She immediately went back to the family home with Leon to arrest him only to find it had been set on fire.

She then went with Leon back to Wilpharma HQ to assist Claire when she found out that Curtis had injected himself with the G-Virus. Painfully, she managed to destroy him and later found out that he was just a pawn and in his grief had been manipulated by rogue researcher Fredrick Downing.
Despite this fresh agony, Angela could at least take solstice in the fact that Downing was arrested and that they had recovered development data for a T-Virus vaccine that could now be mass-produced and distributed across the world.


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