Alfred Ashford

Alfred was born in 1971 as part of the Code: Veronica project insitigated by Alexander Ashford. The ultimate aim of the plan was to create a female clone of legendary Ashford founder, Veronica. Alexander had successfully discovered the gene that determines the intelligence of man. He wanted to manipulate this element, sample it with DNA from Veronica's mummified corpse and inject it into an egg, which Alexander would then fertilize with his own sperm. The egg was then implanted into a surrogate mother. Nine months later, something unexpected happened. Not only was a girl born, but also a twin boy. This meant that Alfred was nothing more than an unexpected by-product. He was born with above-average intelligence but not enough to be classified a genius. Despite this, all Alexander's focus was on the girl, Alexia whom was the spitting image of the legendary Veronica.

Alfred was raised on Rockfort Island and lived in the palace at the top of the island. As he got older he began to worship Alexia and saw her as a queen. They would spend all their time together and had no apparant interest in making other friends or interacting with the outside world. Alfred liked to play sickening games such as pulling all the wings off a dragonfly and then feeding its still living body to a host of ants.

In 1981, Alexia Ashford was made head researcher of the Antarctic facility which meant she and Alfred were relocated to the South Pole. It was there just two years later when he was just twelve years old, Alfred learned the horrible secret regarding his and Alexia's birth and this made him hate his father, Alexander. So much so, he and Alexia captured him and injected him with the T-Veronica virus, mutating him into a hideous creature. The evil twins decided to keep him alive, and kept him locked away in the Antarctic Transport Terminal for 15 years. Officially, Alexander had 'dissappeared', and once he had been declared dead, Alfred Ashford was made official 6th 7th generation head of the Ashford family at just 12 years old, under the guidance of loyal family butler, Scott Harman.

Following the failed experiment on Alexander, Alexia deduced she would have to go into cryo-sleep for 15 years in order for her body to adapt and cope with the virus. This meant that Alfred would be without his sister for well over a decade. Once Alexia had been put to sleep, Alfred returned to Rockfort Island.

In 1993, he graduated from a prestigious English university and was given complete control over the Antarctic Facility and Rockfort Island and on December of that year the island was expanded with the completion of a military training facility. This was followed up in 1994 when a private mansion adjacent to the palace was constructed. This was a place where only he was allowed to go, not even his private attendants were allowed inside. He also got the prisoners on the island to construct a bridge that joined his mansion to the palace.

Lonely and isolated, Alfred pined for the return of Alexia and eventually began to develop a split personality disorder in which he would dress up and impersonate his sister. This was done in the secrecy of his mansion and rumours began to spread amongst the staff of the island that Alexia was perhaps still alive after all. Alfred also developed a fictional playmate for himself and Alexia, which he dubbed Tanya. Tanya was a test subject to further Alexia's research and he and 'Alexia' would often talk to Tanya about how much she had helped with her research.

Despite the Ashford family being an important name to Umbrella, the corporation all but discarded Alfred and he was pushed aside from all responsibility and demoted to his own devices on Rockfort. No one really expected anything from him and so he spent his time torturing prisoners and adorning his base with his military collectibles. To Umbrella, Alfred was an encumbrance; nothing more than a petty dictator attempting to emulate a greatness that was far beyond him.

With no one to counsel him, his mental breakdown accelerated as he spent his days obsessing over the restoration of his family's power, continuing to dress up and impersonate Alexia to serve the illusion that he was not really on his own. He also converted the basement of the training facility into a 'kill house' which was a kind of obstacle course and taget practice for the military units training there.

In 1998, long-serving family butler Scott Harman could see that Alfred's mental state was in clear decline and he fled from the family he had served so loyally for generations. This proved to be a wise decision for when Alfred's private attendant Robert Dorson caught a glimpse of Alexia in a bedroom window, Alfred had him locked up and thrown in the prison. Alfred had also employed an anatomist whom tortured the prisoners in the worst way possible. Together, they had built a hidden torture chamber where the anatomist could inflict the maximum amount of pain to his victims. Dorson's fate thanks to his tiny little mistake was to be placed in this chamber.

In December the island was attacked by Albert Wesker and the HCF special forces team on a mission instigated by The Organization. Alfred mistakenly placed the blame on Claire Redfield, a civillian who had only recently been brought to the island. Claire and an escaped prisoner named Steve Burnside discovered Alfred's cross-dressing secret during their attempts to escape.

Alfred later fled the island and headed to the South Pole facility. There he was mortally wounded by Steve Burnside. In his dying moments, he made his way down to the depths of the lab where his last act upon this earth was to awaken his long sleeping sister, Alexia.


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