Alex Wesker

Alex Wesker is one of only two successful Wesker Children of Project W. Alex successfully survived exposure to the experimental virus designed to weed out those less worthy to advance onto the next stage of the program. Spencer then informed him of the true nature of his history.

Following the experiment he was offered a position within Umbrella and was placed into the Information Department where he was placed in the unique position of spearheading the rest of the Wesker Children, despite being one himself. However, with the death of highly promising candidate Albert in the mansion incident, success of the project was brought down to 18% and Alex was forced to look at failed candidates and re-evaluate them in order to bring the quota of children back up to acceptable levels.

Spencer had great faith in Alex and trusted him implicitly and following the end of Umbrella requested that he somehow try and find the secret of immortality so that his dying vision of him becoming a god may still hold some semblence of actually happening.

Alex knew achieving immortality was impossible, he also knew Spencer was desperate, and persuaded him to turn over all his available resources.

Alex took the Progenitor Virus, hundreds of test subjects and all of Spencer's remaining wealth and retreated to an island in the south seas to come up with the answer.

However, just like Albert had done before him, Alex had betrayed him. He teased Spencer that he had achieved success with the immortality virus, then promptly disappeared.

Alex was never heard from again, despite Spencer's best efforts to track him down. Just why he betrayed him is unclear, but perhaps the lure of power and a resentment of his upbringing played a key role in this.

After reluctantly accepting the fact that Alex was gone, Spencer once again turned back to the beginning, and to Albert...


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