Alexia Ashford

Alexia was part of the Code Veronica project, the brainchild of Alexander Ashford, son of the legendary Edward. Following Edward's death in the late sixites shortly after the birth of Umbrella, Alexander's shortcomings as a researcher began to show and the Ashford damily began to go into decline, with neither Spencer nor Marcus believing he would contribute anything to the continued growth of their company. Even the other members of the Ashford family blamed Alexander for Edward's death. Alexander decided he needed to do something drastic to bring glory to the Ashfords once more and stop Spencer from seizing total control of Umbrella - for such an act would have his late father turning in his grave.

His resulting idea was the Code: Veronica project; which was an attempt to revive his great ancestor Veronica. Sampling DNA from Veronica's mummified corpse he injected it into an unfertilised egg and manipulated it to generate more intelligence. He then fertilised the egg himself and in 1971, Alexia and her twin brother Alfred were born.

Though she and Alfred were brother and sister, their relationship was quite unequal. He treated her with the utmost love, while she lorded over him as a master might a slave.

When she was aged just 10, she graduated from a prestigious university just as her ansestor Veronica had done before her. She was given the position of head researcher at the Antarctic facility and this was all the proof Alexander needed to justify that Code: Veronica was a success.

She surprised the other scientists by conducting research on the T-Virus and simultaneously working on a new strain referred to as the T-Veronica virus. This was made up of elements from the original Progenitor Virus and an ancient virus found within the remains of a queen ant.

Her father Alexander watched with facination and horror as the Veronica virus began to take shape. After he discovered evidence that Alexia was using her own body for some very early experiments, he secretly designed and installed a special weapon, dubbed 'linear launcher'; which was designed to activate should the T-Veronica virus ever get loose.

Just as Alexia's research began to reach a critical point, her brother Alfred gained access to a secret room in the South Pole facility and there he learned the truth regarding their birth. As a way of revenge, Alexia did the incomprehensible. This girl, who was born with a heart of pure evil, forcibly used her father Alexander in an experiment and injected him with the virus. This experiment was a failure, ending with Alexander being transformed into a hideous monster, but for Alexia, it was an important stage and opened new avenues of research for her. When her research approached the final stage, Alexia decided to use herself as a test subject, this time, injecting herself with T-Veronica. After doing so, she placed herself into a cryogenic sleep for 15 years, based on her estimations for how long it would take her body to adapt and co-exist with the virus. Her safety was left to her loyal but inept brother Alfred and the outside world was told she died during an experiment.

15 years later in late December 1998, Alexia awoke with a great power harnessed inside her body. Her first sight was that of her dying brother, his last act being to awaken her from her slumber. Alexia took revenge by destroying the snow mobile that Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside were using to escape. She then injected Steve with the T-Veronica virus which transformed him into a monster.

She also clashed with Albert Wesker who had arrived in Antarctica to claim a sample of T-Veronica from her body. Despite his increased strength, he was forced to retreat as Alexia was too powerful for him. He eventually gained a sample from Steve's body instead.

Eventually, Alexia was destroyed by Chris Redfield when he used the linear launcher developed by
Alexander to finally kill her.


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