Albert Lester

Albert was a former administrator at the old hospital that was located in Raccoon Forest. He was aware that Umbrella was supplying experimental drugs for use on the patients there. One of which was his wife, Dorothy. She was suffering from cancer and Albert was desperate for a cure. Some of these drugs involved the use of experimental strains of the T-Virus. Initially the treatment worked and the cancer went into remission. However, she eventually succumbed to the virus and mutated into a zombie. Albert was traumatised.

After the experiments were shut down and the hospital closed, Albert left Raccoon City and stayed away for five years until he returned in 1998. For sentimental reasons he visited the ruins of the old hospital and came across a curious plant growing in the basement. This plant had been infected by the remnants of the virus and Albert became fascinated with it, even going so far as to believe it was the reincarnated form of his dead wife. He began to hunt local wildlife to feed to it. He moved into a small cabin located near the hospital and as time went by he went a step further and donned a mask and used an axe to murder hikers and passers by. He would drag the bodies to the basement and feed them to the plant. His actions even alerted the local press who put Albertís sightings down as a ghost that was haunting the woods.

During the Raccoon City outbreak, several survivors attempted to escape the city and made their way into the forest. They came across Albertís cabin and he lured them down to the hospital under the guise that the path would lead them to a neighbouring town.

Once trapped there he donned his mask once more and hunted the survivors down. However he was killed when the plant was destroyed and sections of the hospital roof caved in and he was crushed to death.


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