Albert Wesker

The Mansion Incident, The tragedy at Raccoon City. Rockfort Island. Umbrella's Antarctic facility, Amparo, the Caucasus facility, the kidnapping of the US President's daughter, The Kijuju outbreak. One man was involved either directly or indirectly with each and every one of these incidents - Albert Wesker.

Back in the 1960's Albert was just one of many children from various nationalities that were collected by Umbrella. The one thing these children had in common was that they were all born to parents of superior interllect. They were also all given the surname Wesker, named after the chief researcher Alex Wesker who was leading the project under the classified instructions of Ozwell E. Spencer. Practically no one in the company was aware of this 'Project W', not even co-company founders Edward Ashford and James Marcus. The genesis of the project was behind Spencer's personal vision of creating his own 'Brave New World' with a new superior race of human beings which he would rule over. He was confident manipulation of the Progenitor Virus would ensure the right humans were chosen for this new world, but it was important these humans would understand Spencer's vision and be willing to serve under him. This alteration of a person's free will was not possible through gentic manipulation.

Albert was designated 'test subject no.13' for this project and was placed in a subliminal programme that was designed to instill Spencer's values into his personality. After completion of this indoctrination/manipulation he was placed into a controlled environment under the ever watchful eye of Umbrella. Albert was never aware he was being monitored and from behind the scenes money was provided secretly by Umbrella to ensure he recieved the best education possible in the chosen educational field he pursued. Fortunately for Umbrella {although Project W most likely ensured this would happen}, Albert chose to study genetic engineering.

Once he graduated it was arranged that Wesker would enroll at the Management Training Facility just outside of Raccoon City in 1977 at the age of 17. There Umbrella could monitor his progress even closer as he was now almost literally on Spencer's front door step.

It was at the training facility that Wesker met William Birkin. The two would become firm colleagues and develop an intense rivalry. Birkin was perhaps the closest thing Wesker ever had in his life to a friend. When he had first enrolled, Wesker had aspired simply to be a leading researcher for Umbrella, but Birkin's drive made him believe he could be so much greater.

As they progressed, Birkin and Wesker became easily the most impressive candidates in the history of the training facility, even doing enough to attract the attention and admiration of Dr.Marcus who until then had shown no interest in anything other than his personal research.

Regular reports on Wesker were being forwarded to Spencer at the Arklay Labs and as time went by he had Wesker and Birkin spy on his rival Marcus. After enough evidence had been gathered, Spencer had him forcibly removed from power. As a reward for their loyalty, Spencer had both Wesker and Birkin transferred to the Arklay Labs as chief researchers armed with all of Marcus' T-Virus research at their disposal.

As they began to work, Birkin became lost in his research and as the years progressed Wesker began to find himself more and more distracted about Spencer. He often wondered what Spencer's real objectives were. What was he thinking, why had he done the things he had done, what was his ultimate plan? Unbeknownst to him at the time, this was exactly what Spencer had wanted.

Wesker played a key role in the many triumphs of Umbrella throughout the 1980's including the creation of the first Tyrant model, the ultimate biological weapon. He also played a key role in the G-Virus discovery as it was upon his insistence that they ordered a sample of the Nemesis parasite which led to Birkin finding the G-Virus inside of Lisa Trevor. Most poinently of all, he took part in the operation to assassinate James Marcus, allowing Spencer to finally seize full control of the company.

As the 1980's became the 1990's, Wesker began to realise his limitations as a researcher and decided to apply for a transfer to the Information Bureau so he could focus more on his real goal; untangling the mind of Ozwell E. Spencer. It was from this position that he was eventually headhunted for another post. Umbrella were increasing their influence in the Raccoon City police force and after already securing Chief Irons on their payroll, their funding contribution to the proposed Raccoon City S.T.A.R.S. unit allowed them to influence key recruiting decisions. Using this influence they placed Wesker in the role of unit commander and Wesker was able to create the rest of the unit from there. For two years he conducted all kinds of counter intelligence operations for Umbrella.

Eventually however, Wesker began to form his own personal plans, away from Umbrella. He made discreet ties with a clandestine rival to Umbrella simply known as 'The Organisation'. After briefing them about Umbrella's bio-weapons division, The Organisation informed him that he would need to deliver the combat data of the in-development Tyrant-002 that was currently stored at Arklay Labs in order to prove his loyalty to them and be able to join their ranks. Now all he needed to do, was wait for the right opportunity to leave Umbrella.

This opportunity came sooner than expected when in the summer of 1998, a serious T-Virus leak was reported at the Arklay Labs which contaminated the entire facility.

Umbrella had placed Wesker and his old friend and rival, William Birkin, with leading the 'Reclamation Project' which was to conduct an investigation into the possible re-opening of the old training facility which had been shut down after Dr. Marcus was removed from power in 1978. This project was side-tracked due to the seriousness of the T-Virus leak but despite this incident, Umbrella insisted the reclamation project went ahead. They were receiving alarming reports that parasitic leeches were taking the form of humans that were attacking any trespassers that tried to enter the abandoned facility and were concerned that the virus was spreading. Wesker was also instructed to keep S.T.A.R.S. out of the matter and keep the regular police at bay.

By mid-July, the increasing tensions of Raccoon's citizens due to all the bizarre murders meant that Wesker had no choice and S.T.A.R.S. were brought in. Umbrella decided to use this to their advantage and drew up Operation 'X-Day'. Wesker was instructed to deploy S.T.A.R.S. to the contaiminated mansion and have them battle the escaped B.O.W. and record the combat data. He was then to destroy the entire facility to cover up all evidence of the virus leak.

One order Wesker was not happy about however, was that of disposing of the Tyrant. Wesker regarded it as a masterpiece and could not understand why Umbrella would want to get rid of it before it was even fully operational. What he didn't know however, was that Umbrella had only very recently created another model thanks to a breakthrough in the Tyrant production programme due to the DNA compatible clones donated by Sergei Vladimir and Vincent Goldman's discovery of the Beta Herero Nonserotonin chemical. The T-103 was even superior to that of the T-002 so Umbrella had no use for the old model that lay asleep in the bowels of Arklay. Wesker's lack of knowledge about this fact meant he still regarded T-002 as the ultimate biological weapon.

A distraction Wesker did not need came on the day before 'X-Day' when contact was lost with the Ecliptic Express; the privately owned train that was ferrying an investigation team to the training facility as part of the Reclamation Project. After giving S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team the go-ahead to begin their search for missing hikers in the Arklay forest, he then dashed to meet Birkin at the main lab underneath Raccoon City. There they monitored the progress of an Umbrella clean-up team and they were faced with the impossible revelation of James Marcus resurrected from beyond the grave. He was the one who had caused the biohazard which had infected not only the Spencer Mansion, but now the Ecliptic Express and the Training Facility also. With the situation fast running out of control, Wesker knew this was the perfect time to execute his plans and leave Umbrella for good. Before he left however, Birkin gave him a sample of an 'experimental virus' which was confidentially given to him by Spencer himself. All Birkin was told was that it was designed to 'cheat death' and that it could be used as a last resort for Wesker on Operation X-Day if something were to go wrong. In reality however, this was the next stage of the secretive 'Project W' programme. The virus was designed to screen out the more gifted of the Wesker children and Spencer was keen to see if 'test-subject no. 13' after everything he had achieved at Umbrella, was worthy of making it to the next stage.

After deeming the Training Facility a total loss, Wesker unexpectedly encountered Sergei Vladimir. Sergei intended to teach Wesker a lesson for his failure and Wesker barely escaped with his life. Knowing Sergei was onto him, Wesker led the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team to the mansion that night. There, he manipulated the events that transpired, blackmailed Barry Burton into doing his bidding and waited patiently in the Tyrant's room for any survivors to reach him. He administered the experimental virus to himself and allowed the T-002 to attack him.
After being temporarilly 'dead'; the virus revived him and he felt stronger than ever. What he didn't expect however, was that Sergei had locked Wesker out of the computer systems, preventing him from downloading the precious Tyrant combat data he so desperately seeked. Worse still, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine had unexpectedly killed the Tyrant and the self-destruct system for the facility had already been activated. Wesker decided to cut his losses. He took all the data he had acquired on the regular B.O.W.s and escaped from the mansion just seconds before it blew up.

Wesker never reported back to Umbrella and the S.T.A.R.S. survivors reported him dead. Umbrella investigation teams combing the wreckage never found his body. Wesker's death brought the success rate of Project W down to 18%. But Spencer was not worried, he had a feeling that Wesker was still out there somewhere and that eventually he would come back to him.

Wesker again went to 'The Organisation' and presented them with the combat data he had collected, minus the Tyrant. He was still accepted and allied himself with a female agent named Ada Wong. Ada had already been spying on Umbrella for a number of months and had heard of Umbrella's G-Virus from her Arklay Labs researcher boyfriend, John. The Organisation decided they wanted a sample and Wesker and Ada were tasked with getting it.

In late September they took advantage of the chaos in Raccoon City and attempted to gain a sample. Wesker decided not to risk his cover as a 'dead man' and stayed in the shadows as Ada infiltrated the city alone. Although she achieved her objective, she was badly injured and Wesker was displeased with the way she had conducted herself by teaming up with Leon and risking her position to keep him alive. Because she had the sample he reluctantly saved her life by providing her with a grapple gun and relaying instructions on how to escape the city before the nuclear blast. The mission was a success, but only just.

A few months later, Wesker began to hear rumours about 'an awakening'. Spies on the Ashford owned Rockfort Island had intelligence that the famed Alexia Ashford may actually still be alive and Wesker knew she had infected herself with her own 'T-Veronica' virus way back in 1983. The Organisation wanted Wesker to capture her and so in late December he launched an assault on the island.

There he met his old rival, Chris Redfield. The fight took them to the depths of the Antarctic and despite failing to capture Alexia, Wesker still achieved his goal by obtaining the body of Rockfort prisoner Steve Burnside, who had been infected by the T-Veronica virus by Alexia. Only the impending countdown of the self-destruct facility prevented him from killing Chris and he escaped via a submarine. Though Wesker left Chris a clear message; 'I won this game'.

At the turn of the millenium, Wesker turned his attentions to South America and despite still working for The Organisation, his own personal agendas were still at the forefront of his thinking. Wesker made deals with rival companies and sold samples of the various assets he had aqcuired over the last few years to many of Umbrella's rivals, all of whom compensated him greatly for each. He also made contact with a famed drug lord Javier Hidalgo and sold him a sample of the T-Veronica virus in exchange for a large sum of money and a slice of Javier's business empire. He did not seem to care about the potential danger in providing Javier with such a dangerous virus.

Wesker resurfaced again in early 2003. A routine intelligence mission for The Organisation led him to the wildnerness of the Russian Caucaus. Things became very interesting when he agin met Chris and Jill and finally learned the whereabouts of Umbrella's last primary base.

Using Chris' anti-biohazard unit as a diversion, Wesker launched a one man assault on the facility and released the T-Virus, causing another biohazard. Wesker killed Umbrella head Sergei Vladimir and escaped with all of Umbrella's archival data which he had downloaded onto hard disc from the computer mainframe. He then wiped all the databases, rendering Umbrella impotent.

Not long after that, Wesker testified annonymously in court against Ozwell E. Spencer and Umbrella, providing undeniable evidence that Umbrella was to blame for the Raccoon City tragedy. This soon led to the dissolution of the company altogether.

In late 2003, Wesker made ties with another organisation, Tricell Inc. A company that was sure to become the successor to Umbrella. But before he could commit to anything concrete he had to sever his ties from The Organisation. He bided his time for now.

In 2004, The Organisation intercepted an e-mail from a researcher and this led to them learning of the Los Illuminados and the Las Plagas parasite, a potentially very profitable weapon. Naturally, The Organisation wanted a sample and so Wesker once again teamed up with Ada Wong to retreive it. By now however, The Organisation had long since began to suspect Wesker and that he may no longer be fully loyal to them. To counteract this, they came up with a contingency plan involving Ada.

With Wesker co-ordinating once more from behind the scenes, Ada infiltrated the Spanish Pubelo and worked on getting a sample. She again succeeded in her mission and gained numerous samples, including the important 'control plaga'. However, following the orders of The Organisation, Ada betrayed Wesker and sent him a 'modified subbordinate plaga' - a inferior variant of the master control plaga that had the ability for the host to have complete control over the parasite - but unlike the real control plaga - no control over the regular subbordinate parasites. The real control plaga sample was delivered to The Organisation and Wesker was none the wiser.

Wesker took the 'modified subbordinate plaga' and as The Organisation had expected, delivered it to Tricell rather than themselves, confirming him as a traitor. The fact that Wesker never knew he had been betrayed from the inside, is perhap the only reason Ada Wong still lives to this day.

Now with yet another company at his disposal, Wesker planned to use Tricell's assets to re-open Umbrella with himself at the helm. Once that was done, there would be significant changes to the world. To do this he began manipulating Tricell employee, Excella Gionne, providing her with information contained within Umbrella's stolen archives so she could climb quickly up the company ladder.

With wealth, power and glory, Wesker appeared to have everything a person could ever want. But he was not interested in material gains. An all too familiar sense of trepidation continued to gnaw at him; the source of this uneasiness being Umbrella's founder, Ozwell E. Spencer. This was Project W tugging at him once more and Wesker decided to seek Spencer out to end this once and for all.

Since Umbrella's downfall, Spencer had gone into hiding and it took all of Wesker's time, money and connections to track him down. To his surprise, Spencer was not surprised to see him. He explained everything, the Progenitor Virus and his vision of his utopia and ruling over mankind as a god. He also told Wesker the truth about himself and everything concerning Project W. He knew that Wesker would one day return to him as it was in his programming. Enraged, Wesker mercilessly killed Spencer.

Call it a curious mixture of fate and coincidence, Wesker was immediately accosted by Chris and Jill yet again. This time, Jill sacrificed herself to kill Wesker, or so Chris and everyone at the B.S.A.A. thought. Thanks to his increased strengh, Wesker once again cheated death and as revenge on Chris, took the critically injured Jill away to become a test subject for his latest project; Uroboros.

Since Spencer's revalation, Wesker lost his interest in re-opening Umbrella and decided to pick up Spencer's plan where he left off, only this time he would be the god. He had Excella order her Tricell division to excavate and re-open the old Umbrella facility in Africa. There he obtained samples of the Progenitor Virus and had Tricell scientists go to work on creating a doomsday weapon. His experimentation on Jill also aided in the development of this weapon.

By 2009, the Uroboros Virus was finally ready and Wesker was ready to re-shape the world. But one thing still stood in his way, one thing that would just not go away; one Chris Redfield. Despite their intense hatred of one another, Wesker had always had a respect for Chris as a rival and it was this respect that would be his downfall. Despite numerous chances, Wesker failed to dispose of Chris and eventually, after rescuing Jill, Wesker was finally brought down for good.

Since injecting himself with the experimental virus and gaining super strength, Wesker had to regularly inject himself with a serum known as PG67-AW to keep the virus in check. However, too much of this serum injected too soon acts as a poison. Chris managed to take advantage of this and, backed into a corner for the first time in his life, Wesker infected himself with Uroboros in a bid to defeat Chris. In the end, Wesker's plan failed and he was destroyed with a rocket laucher blast fired by Chris and Sheva.


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