Ada Wong

Ada Wong is a very mysterious individual; anything about her past is unknown. She is an agent of the equally elusive ‘The Organization’, a clandestine outfit whose true motives are not known, beyond being a rival faction to Umbrella.

Ada’s role began in 1998 when she was asked to investigate Umbrella’s inner operations. She achieved this by forming a relationship with Jon, the then head researcher of the Arklay Labs in Raccoon Forest. Jon became quite taken with Ada and she played this to her advantage, eventually gaining access to all levels of the Spencer Estate. He even went so far as to use her name as his password for the facility’s computer network. Jon also gave her a job at the labs and she continued to work undercover, making frequent reports back to The Organization.

One particular occasion, Jon confided in her about the G-Virus, a top-secret project involving a possible successor to the T-Virus. After informing The Organization of this, they ordered her to somehow obtain a sample, yet she would have to bide her time as firstly the virus would not be fully completed for another few months and secondly all G-Virus research was taking place in Raccoon City, well away from Arklay Labs.

There is evidence to support the fact that Ada was present at the Spencer Estate when the T-Virus leak occurred. A letter written by Jon seems to suggest that he had performed tests on both of them to see if they had been infected and while his came back positive, hers was negative. He also left her instructions to steal vital materials from the visual data room and then activate the self-destruct device. He also wanted her to make the incident public through the media.

However, Ada did none of these things. The material she took, if any, would have been handed over to The Organisation.

Following the incident, Ada was partnered alongside Albert Wesker, himself a defector to The Organisation from Umbrella and someone who had played a key role in the whole mansion disaster. Wesker’s inner knowledge of both Umbrella’s dealings in Raccoon City and of the G-Virus’s creator, William Birkin, made him a perfect operative to spearhead a mission to obtain the G-Virus.

However, with Wesker having been reported as dead to both Umbrella and the authorities following events at the mansion it was decided that he would remain in the background and that Ada would be sent into Raccoon City alone.

After infiltrating the city, Ada made for the police station. She was looking for a freelance reporter named Ben Bertolucci who apparently had knowledge of Umbrella’s dealings. It was there that she first met Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie cop who had arrived for his first day on the job only to be caught up in the biological disaster. She fed him a story that she was in town looking for her ex-boyfriend Jon.

Although she tried to shrug him off several times, Leon’s naivety and willingness to perform his duty and protect her meant there was little she could do to get rid of him without harming him.

Leon proved his worth when he took a bullet from Umbrella scientist Annette Birkin and saved Ada’s life.

Their partnership grew and as time went by they clearly developed feelings for each other, although Ada knew deep down she could never be with Leon or compromise her mission.

Eventually, Ada repaid Leon by saving his life from the T-103 in the underground laboratory. She was badly injured, and in order to finally get rid of Leon without hurting him or putting him in harm’s way, she faked her death.

As soon as Leon had mourned her and left, Ada began to make her escape. She came across the body of William Birkin who had only just been slain by Claire Redfield. Ada managed to get a tissue sample from his body.

Her last act was to assist Leon from the shadows by throwing him a rocket launcher during his final battle with the now mutated T-103. With just seconds’ left to spare before the lab went critical, Ada fled the scene.

After spending some time to recuperate from her injuries, Ada then made her way to the Apple Inn to meet her contact. However when she arrived, she discovered that he had committed suicide and that Albert Wesker was waiting for her via video link. Wesker informed her of his disappointment in her, and that he was seriously pondering leaving her there to die. Ada produced her trump card by showing him the tissue sample she retrieved from Birkin that contained the G-Virus.

Upon seeing this, Wesker decided she was useful after all. He informed her of the government’s plan to eradicate Raccoon City and relayed instructions on how to escape the city before touchdown. He also provided her with a grapple gun.

Ada escaped Raccoon City with just seconds to spare after hitching a lift on the cargo container beneath Sergei Vladimir’s helicopter. The cargo container contained Umbrella’s archival mainframe, UMF-013. Ada was bruised and she was battered, but her mission was a success and she was alive.

Nothing was seen or heard from Ada for the next six years, although Leon now in his government role had heard whispers about her survival and that she was working with Wesker who was wanted by the BSAA.

Ada next returned to the fold in 2004 when she was once again teamed up with Wesker to acquire a sample of the Las Plagas parasite. This had come about when agents of The Organization had intercepted an e-mail from a man asking for help. This man was Luis Sera, a researcher who had been hired by a cult called the Los Illuminados to work on these parasites. Intrigued, The Organisation sent Wesker and Ada to find out more.

Before the operation began. Ada was secretly informed by The Organization’s hierarchy that they had intelligence that Wesker was planning to betray them. They knew this because they had confirmed that he had been in contact with another major pharmaceutical player by the name of Tricell immediately following Umbrella’s demise a year earlier. They ordered her that should the mission be a success, Ada was not to deliver Wesker the master control plaga specimen.

They were joined on this mission by another operative named Jack Krauser. Krauser used to be a US socom agent and had once fought alongside Leon Kennedy back in 2002. Krauser was now working directly for Wesker and he made it clear he didn’t like or trust Ada.

After doing some preliminary research, it was decided that Krauser would infiltrate the cult directly and that Ada would be in stealth mode, working from the shadows. Wesker would be co-ordinating everything from behind the scenes as usual.

Ada also knew that Leon was involved in this mission, chosen by the US Government as the agent sent in to find the kidnapped President’s daughter.

Ada’s first mission was to rescue Luis Sera, the man who had contacted them originally and whom had promised a master plaga specimen in return for his safety.

She again risked the success of the mission by letting past feelings come to the fold and was captured by the Los Illuminados after saving Leon’s life from the village chief. But she managed to escape.

Eventually, she and Leon finally bumped into each other in Castle Salazar, where she confirmed his suspicions that she was working with Wesker. Without revealing her true reason for being there to Leon, she fled the scene once more.

Wesker then contacted her by codec and ordered her to kill Leon. Ada got around this by deliberately avoiding Leon for as long as possible. The mission was made even more complicated when cult leader Osmund Saddler got to Luis before Ada could and killed him, recovering the sample he had stolen.

This at least prompted Wesker to retract his order for her to kill Leon and instead let him live to do battle with Saddler so that Ada could pick up the sample in the aftermath. Ada made sure Leon reached Saddler’s island by giving him a lift in her speedboat.

Once on the island, Ada searched the lab facilities and recovered several subordinate plaga samples as well as a special ‘modified subordinate’ sample that Saddler had developed and injected into his trusted lieutenants. She also bumped into Krauser, who wasted no time in letting her know that neither he nor Wesker trusted her and that if she tried anything clever, he would kill her. Ada simply laughed this off.

Ada again saved the life of Leon by rushing to his aid after Wesker informed her he had sent Krauser to kill him.

After mistakenly believing that Leon had later killed Krauser, she reported him dead to Wesker, only to come across him still alive and well. Deciding not to complicate matters, Ada killed him herself.

She also assisted Leon in his final battle with Saddler by throwing a rocket launcher to him as she did in Raccoon City six years ago. After he had killed the Saddler creature, she held him at gunpoint and forced him to give her the control plaga. She then activated a timer to explosive charges she had set up around the island and gave Leon keys to a jet ski she had parked up near the caves. Ada then left the island via helicopter, her mission once again a success.

As instructed, she gave Wesker the modified subordinate plaga, which he later took to Tricell. The real control plaga was delivered to The Organization, thus definitively proving her loyalty to them.

After that, she was never heard from again. Despite the fact that she has a conscience and cares about Leon, her true loyalties and motives remain unknown. Despite handing Wesker a modified sample, she knew it still had the power to kill thousands of innocent people, as it would do just five years later…


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